„The NARROW-MINDED BIGOTS have given to this country and to the world freedom of speech, freedom of thought and action and religious liberty.“

Communication to the American Crime Study Commission (May 19, 1929)

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William Randolph Hearst12
American newspaper publisher 1863 - 1951

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„Freedom of speech and freedom of action are meaningless without freedom to think. And there is no freedom of thought without doubt.“

—  Bergen Evans American lexicographer 1904 - 1978

The Natural History of Nonsense XIX.

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„How absurd men are! They never use the liberties they have, they demand those they do not have. They have freedom of thought, they demand freedom of speech.“

—  Sören Kierkegaard Danish philosopher and theologian, founder of Existentialism 1813 - 1855

Either/Or Part I, Swenson Translation p. 19 Variations include: People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought, which they avoid. People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.
1840s, Either/Or (1843)

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„Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom - and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech.“

—  Benjamin Franklin American author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, a… 1706 - 1790

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„Many have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms, and of course among the first and the founding freedoms of our country was that of religious liberty. Does a service member have to forfeit their constitutional right when they put on the uniform?“

—  Neal Buckon American Roman Catholic bishop 1953

Military chaplains on front lines of religious freedom battle https://web.archive.org/web/20120801020548/http://www.catholicanchor.org/wordpress/archives/7463 (July 3, 2012)

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„People hardly ever make use of the freedom which they have, for example, freedom of thought; instead they demand freedom of speech as compensation.“

—  Sören Kierkegaard Danish philosopher and theologian, founder of Existentialism 1813 - 1855

Source: The Living Thoughts Of Kierkegaard

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„Full freedom of speech and expression prevails in our country, and freedom of assembly and association is guaranteed.“

—  Václav Havel playwright, essayist, poet, dissident and 1st President of the Czech Republic 1936 - 2011

New Year's Address to the Nation (1991)

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„Of course, there are dangers in religious freedom and freedom of opinion. But to deny these rights is worse than dangerous, it is absolutely fatal to liberty.“

—  Harry Truman American politician, 33rd president of the United States (in office from 1945 to 1953) 1884 - 1972

Address at the National Archives dedicating a shrine for the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights (15 December 1952) https://trumanlibrary.org/calendar/viewpapers.php?pid=2102
Context: Of course, there are dangers in religious freedom and freedom of opinion. But to deny these rights is worse than dangerous, it is absolutely fatal to liberty. The external threat to liberty should not drive us into suppressing liberty at home. Those who want the Government to regulate matters of the mind and spirit are like men who are so afraid of being murdered that they commit suicide to avoid assassination.
All freedom-loving nations, not the United States alone, are facing a stern challenge from the Communist tyranny. In the circumstances, alarm is justified. The man who isn't alarmed simply doesn't understand the situation — or he is crazy. But alarm is one thing, and hysteria is another. Hysteria impels people to destroy the very thing they are struggling to preserve.
Invasion and conquest by Communist armies would be a horror beyond our capacity to imagine. But invasion and conquest by Communist ideas of right and wrong would be just as bad.
For us to embrace the methods and morals of communism in order to defeat Communist aggression would be a moral disaster worse than any physical catastrophe. If that should come to pass, then the Constitution and the Declaration would be utterly dead and what we are doing today would be the gloomiest burial in the history of the world.

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„It is not proper either to have a blunt sword or to use freedom of speech ineffectually.
Neither is the sun to be taken from the world, nor freedom of speech from erudition.“

—  Pythagoras ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher -585 - -495 BC

As quoted in the translation of Thomas Taylor (1818)

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„To be a liberal means to believe in human freedom. It means to believe in human beings. It means to champion that form of social and political order which releases the greatest amount of human energy; permits greatest liberty for individuals and groups, in planning and living their lives; cherishes freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of action, limited by only one thing: the protection of the freedom of others.“

—  Dorothy Thompson American journalist and radio broadcaster 1893 - 1961

Dorothy Thompson’s Political Guide: A Study of American Liberalism and its Relationship to Modern Totalitarian States (1938)
Source: A Study of American Liberalism and its Relationship to Modern Totalitarian States (1938)
p. 64

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„In a free state there should be freedom of speech and thought.“
In civitate libera linguam mentemque liberas esse debere (jactabat).

—  Tiberius 2nd Emperor of Ancient Rome, member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty -42 - 37 BC

Variant translation: In a free state, both the tongue and the mind ought to be free.
From Suetonius, The Twelves Caesars, ch. 28

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„Thank God for the mind. It's the only place where we have freedom of speech.“

—  Charles Reis Felix American writer 1923 - 2017

Page 125
Crossing the Sauer: a memoir of World War II (2002)

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„You know, there are two good things in life, freedom of thought and freedom of action.“

—  W. Somerset Maugham, book Of Human Bondage

Source: Of Human Bondage (1915), Ch. 23

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„Human rights and individual liberties, including religious freedom, will be at the heart of the new Iraq.“

—  Jalal Talabani Iraqi politician 1933 - 2017

Michael Howard (July 25, 2005) "Freedom at heart of new Iraq, says Talabani : Suicide bomb kills 40 as president calls for calm", The Guardian.

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