„Well, it was a church person in the early days, Mahalia Jackson. And Rosetta Tharpe. These spiritual, very strong voices. I only knew that they were figures in the black race, recognizable and respected. But I must admit, I’ve always covered the songs of males. I haven’t followed up on women or listened to that much women’s music.“

Her answer on the question who her first musical influences were. Mark Bego: Tina Turner: Break Every Rule, 2005, page 18.

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Tina Turner photo
Tina Turner6
singer, dancer, actress, and author 1939

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Salwa Bugaighis photo

„They knew that women were very effective and very strong in this revolution, but they think that now, the role is for the man.“

—  Salwa Bugaighis Libyan activist 1963 - 2014

Salwa Bugaighis after resigning here position at the Libya’s National Transitional Council, quoted in: Salwa Bugaighis http://www.vitalvoices.org/node/2680 at vitalvoices.org, 2014

Elinor Glyn photo

„Very early, I understood that women were required to be other than what they were.“

—  Andre Dubus Novelist, short story writer, teacher 1936 - 1999

Of Robin Hood and Womanhood.
Broken Vessels (1991)

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Warren Farrell photo
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„I think learning about women coders is absolutely important. It’s part of our history. There’s so much in this world that we don’t cover, and I think it’s so important to know that these amazing, incredible, intelligent women were severely over looked…because they were women.“

—  Chanelle Peloso Canadian actress 1994

The Bletchley Circle : San Francisco | Interview with Chanelle Peloso as Hailey Yarner https://www.bradfordzone.co.uk/the-bletchley-circle-san-francisco-interview-with-chanelle-peloso-as-hailey-yarner/ (19 July 2018)

Donald J. Trump photo

„I have great respect for women. Nobody has more respect for women than I do.“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946

2010s, 2016, October, Second presidential debate (October 9, 2016)

Sarah Jessica Parker photo

„I knew Ferdowsi in his respect of women and family and never saw that he reduces the value of family in his precious masterpiece.“

—  Chista Yasrebi 1968

Source: Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia, 2014 https://www.cgie.org.ir/fa/news/11919

Rebecca West photo

„Present-day women's lib … is repudiation of the obligation to follow a certain pattern if you are a woman. It is much more fundamental than suffragism. And, on the whole, I am with it.“

—  Rebecca West British feminist and author 1892 - 1983

Interview with The Sunday Telegraph, quoted in the Eugene Register-Guard (27 December 1972) https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1310&dat=19721227&id=OalVAAAAIBAJ&sjid=9-ADAAAAIBAJ&pg=6123,7185434&hl=en

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