„I have never consciously separated casual users and hardcore gamers when I design a game. For the past 20 years, I have always been trying to make games so that anyone -- as many people as possible -- can enjoy them… I cannot help but say that I love my job of making games from the bottom of my heart.“

Source: "In Conversation: Takashi Tezuka". http://www.businessweek.com/innovate/content/jun2007/id20070629_013917.htm,Businessweek. Bloomberg L.P.(2007-06-29)

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Takashi Tezuka photo
Takashi Tezuka5
video game designer 1960

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Satoru Iwata photo

„On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.“

—  Satoru Iwata Japanese video game programmer and businessman 1959 - 2015

2005 GDC Keynote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9HUMt2rrOI

Roberto Clemente photo

„Yes, my biggest game, but not my best game. My best game is when I drive in the winning run.“

—  Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican baseball player 1934 - 1972

Bemoaning his wasted 3-home run/7-RBI performance of May 15, 1967; as quoted in “Biggest Game Wasted: Roberto Collects 3 HRs, 7 RBIs As Bucs Lose, 8-7” by Les Biederman, in The Pittsburgh Press (Tuesday, May 16, 1967), p. 34
Baseball-related, <big><big>1960s</big></big>, <big>1967</big>

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„Even if my place of work or the nature of my titles change, what I show won’t change and I don’t want it to. I’m a game fan at heart; I tell dirty jokes and make irresponsible comments (laughs), but I’ll work my hardest to make games.“

—  Kenichiro Takaki Japanese video game producer 1976

"Kenichiro Takaki opens up about why he left Marvelous and more" https://nintendoeverything.com/kenichiro-takaki-opens-up-about-why-he-left-marvelous-and-more/, NintendoEverything.com (27 March 2019).

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„If I have to play your stupid games, at least I don’t have to pretend to enjoy them.“

—  Michael Swanwick American science fiction author 1950

Source: In the Drift (1985), Chapter 1, “Mummer Kiss” (p. 4)

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„I respect a lot of players in this league. But to me basketball is just a little aspect of my life. I enjoy the game because it's fun. But it is a game.“

—  Hakeem Olajuwon Nigerian–American basketball player 1963

Slam dunk - interview with basketball player Hakeem Olajuwon - Interview, Feb, 1994 by Spike Lee.
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„I love proving people wrong and proving my supporters right. This is all fun and games to me. I love it. I love my job. I whoop people for truckloads of cash. How could I hate this life? I love it so much. I’m grateful every single day.“

—  Conor McGregor Irish mixed martial artist and boxer 1988

UFC 178 post-event press conference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAAC34JzxS0 (September 2014), Ultimate Fighting Championship, Zuffa, LLC
2010s, 2014

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„I look around Tokyo Games Show, and everyone’s making awful games; Japan is at least five years behind.“

—  Keiji Inafune Japanese video game designer 1965

Source:Tabuchi, Hiroko. "To Regain Video Game Lead, Japan Looks to West". https://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/20/technology/20game.html?_r=2Retrieved 2018-07-15.

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„When I was starting in the game industry, it wasn't uncommon to be the only woman on the entire team...I always felt welcome and I never felt awkward. In my years at Nintendo, I have come to discover that when there are women in a variety of roles on the project, you get a wider [range] of ideas.“

—  Aya Kyogoku Video game director

March 19, 2014 Animal Crossing: New Leaf director says team diversity, communication core to its success https://www.polygon.com/2014/3/19/5526678/animal-crossing-new-leaf-diversity-aya-kyogoku

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