„The Barbican - an element of medieval fortifications; a circular defensive structure with loop-holes, in front of the town walls. In Europe this kind of building has been preserved only at Carcassonne (southern France), Zgorzelec (Görlitz), and of course in Cracow. (…) It was at that time, that one of the largest European buildings of this kind came to to exist in Cracow, being nowadays the best preserved example of the medieval barbican.“

The Barbican (Barbakan), "Kraków" Magazyn Kulturalny, Special Edition, 1991, p. 58-59. http://pbn.nauka.gov.pl/sedno-webapp/works/509488

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Marek Żukow-Karczewski photo
Marek Żukow-Karczewski10
Polish historian, journalist and opinion journalist 1961

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Winston S. Churchill photo

„We must build a kind of United States of Europe.“

—  Winston S. Churchill Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1874 - 1965

Speech at Zurich University (September 19, 1946) ( partial text http://www.churchill-society-london.org.uk/astonish.html) ( http://www.peshawar.ch/varia/winston.htm).
Post-war years (1945–1955)

Dora Russell photo

„It has taken us centuries of thought and mockery to shake the medieval system; thought and mockery here and now are required to prevent the mechanists from building another.“

—  Dora Russell author, feminist, socialist campaigner 1894 - 1986

The Right to Be Happy (1927)
Context: It has taken us centuries of thought and mockery to shake the medieval system; thought and mockery here and now are required to prevent the mechanists from building another. Without falling into a mystical vitalism that reverences organic nature as sacred, we can at least try rather to serve than to subdue the prancing seas of life. With this in view I have taken as impulses, instincts, or needs certain driving forces in the human species as we know it at present, and argued for such social and economic changes as will give them new, free, and varied expression. To take even this first step towards a happy society is a herculean task. After it has been accomplished, generations to come will see what the creature will do next. We none of us know; and we should be thoroughly on our guard against all those who pretend that they do.

Francis Escudero photo
Donald J. Trump photo
Donald J. Trump photo

„I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946

Campaign launch rally, 15/6/15
2010s, 2015

Colin Wilson photo
Vitruvius photo

„Hence buildings made of these kinds of wood last for an unending period of time.“

—  Vitruvius, book De architectura

Source: De architectura (The Ten Books On Architecture) (~ 15BC), Book II, Chapter IX, Sec. 12
Context: The hornbeam... is not a wood that breaks easily and is very convenient to handle. Hence the Greeks call it "zygia," because they make of it yokes for their draught animals... Cypress and pine are also just as admirable; for although they... are apt to warp when used in buildings... they can be kept to a great age without rotting because the liquid contained within their substances has a bitter taste which by its pungency prevents the entrance of decay or of those little creatures which are destructive. Hence buildings made of these kinds of wood last for an unending period of time.

Christopher Alexander photo
Carl von Clausewitz photo
Margaret Atwood photo
Pindar photo

„Time is the best preserver of righteous men.“

—  Pindar Ancient Greek poet -517 - -437 BC

Fragment 159; page 387

P. W. Botha photo

„… I am not prepared to build the type of wall you built in Berlin. In South Africa we only build walls for houses.“

—  P. W. Botha South African prime minister 1916 - 2006

To a Voice of America journalist in Berlin during a European tour, 3 September 1984, as cited in Venture into the Exterior: Through Europe With P.W. Botha, John Scott, 1984

„The law, the primal law, the moral absolute, the divine command is the preservation of one's own kind.“

—  David Lane (white nationalist) American white supremacist, convicted felon 1938 - 2007

Crossing the Rubicon
Focus Fourteen

Justin Welby photo
John Moffat photo
Adam Roberts photo
Charles de Gaulle photo

„So, it is true that one’s homeland is entirely human, emotional and that it is the root of action, of authority, of responsibility from which one can build Europe. What elements? Well, [nation] States, because only States are valid, are legitimate, in this respect, in addition they are capable of… As I have already said and I repeat, that at the present time, there cannot be any other Europe than that of the States, apart of course from myths, fictions, parades. From this solidarity depends all hope of uniting Europe in the political field and in the field of defense, as in the economic field. From this solidarity depends, therefore, the destiny of Europe as a whole, from the Atlantic to the Urals.“

—  Charles de Gaulle eighteenth President of the French Republic 1890 - 1970

Alors, il est vrai que la Patrie est un élément humain, sentimental et que c’est sur des éléments d’action, d’autorité, de responsabilité qu’on peut construire l’Europe. Quels éléments? Eh bien, les États, car il n’y a que les États qui, à cet égard, soient valables, soient légitimes et en outre soient capables de réaliser… J’ai déjà dit et je répète, qu’à l’heure qu’il est, il ne peut pas y avoir d’autre Europe possible que celle des États, en dehors naturellement des mythes, des fictions, des parades. De cette solidarité dépend tout espoir d’unir l’Europe dans le domaine politique et dans le domaine de la défense, comme dans le domaine économique. De cette solidarité dépend, par conséquent, le destin de l’Europe tout entière, depuis l’Atlantique jusqu’à l’Oural.
Press conference, Elysée Palace, Paris, 15 May 1962
Fifth Republic and other post-WW2

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