„The really great novel tends to be the exact negative of its author's life. "The characters crowd onto the page", writes Mauriac, "there to accomplish all those things which the personal destiny of the author has kept at bay.“

The Art of Writing

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French writer 1885 - 1967

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„Mother and father abandoned me at birth and the author of my life also did not write any worth or merit on the page of destiny.“

—  Tulsidas Hindu poet-saint 1532 - 1623

His confessional statements on his own experiences made in Kavitavali quoted in "A Garden of Deeds: Ramacharitmanas, a Message of Human Ethics", p. 49

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„When male authors write love stories, the heroine tends to end up dead.“

—  Susan Elizabeth Phillips American writer 1948

Source: Ain't She Sweet

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„A character is never the author who created him. It is quite likely, however, that an author may be all his characters simultaneously.“

—  Albert Camus, book The Rebel

Part 2: Metaphysical Rebellion; also quoted in Albert Camus : The Invincible Summer (1958) by Albert Maquet, p. 86; a remark made about the Marquis de Sade
The Rebel (1951)

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„He was usually easygoing, one of those guys with little respect for authority because of a conviction that people in charge tend to do stupid things.“

—  Jack McDevitt American novelist, Short story writer 1935

Source: Academy Series - Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchins, Cauldron (2007), Chapter 36 (p. 322)

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„Good writing has an aliveness that keeps the reader reading from one paragraph to the next, and it's not a question of gimmicks to "personalize" the author.“

—  William Zinsser writer, editor, journalist, literary critic, professor 1922 - 2015

Source: On Writing Well (Fifth Edition, orig. pub. 1976), Chapter 1, The Transaction, p. 6.

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„History is a novel whose author is the people.“

—  Alfred De Vigny French poet, playwright, and novelist 1797 - 1863

L'histoire est un roman dont le peuple est l'auteur.
"Réflexions sur la vérité dans l'art", p. 6; translation from James H. Johnson Listening in Paris (1995) p. 252.
Cinq-Mars; ou, une conjuration sous Louis XIII (1826)

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