„We're lost, but we're making good time.“

—  Yogi Berra

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Yogi Berra57
American baseball player, manager, coach 1925 - 2015

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„We're in a weird position. All year long people keep telling us that we're bad for hockey, bad for the NHL, bad for Canada because we're too rough. Now we're supposed to save the game for the NHL, for Canada, for everyone. Hah! For the first time we're the good guys.“

—  Fred Shero Former ice hockey player and coach 1925 - 1990

Shero prior to the 1976 Flyers-Red Army game
This Was Détente, Philly Style, Sports Illustrated, Mulvoy, Mark, 1976-01-19, 2014-02-19 http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1090656/index.htm,

„We run when we're scared, we run when we're ecstatic, we run away from our problems and run around for a good time.“

—  Christopher McDougall American journalist and writer 1962

Source: Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

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„We're overdue for a dream come true.
Long time, nothing new.
We're overdue for a dream come true.“

—  Tom Petty American musician 1950 - 2017

Hung Up And Overdue
Lyrics, Songs and Music from "She's the One" (1996)

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„When we're identified with Awareness, we're no longer living in a world of polarities. Everything is present at the same time.“

—  Ram Dass American contemporary spiritual teacher and the author of the 1971 book Be Here Now 1931 - 2019

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„We're the only branch of government that explains itself in writing every time it makes a decision.“

—  Byron White Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, American football player 1917 - 2002

Reported by Evan Thomas in Time Magazine, Oct. 08, 1984, in response to the assertion that the Supreme Court is the most secretive branch in terms of carrying out its deliberations.

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„Yeah, come on & let the good times roll
We're gonna stay here till we soothe our souls.
If it take all night long.“

—  Sam Cooke American singer-songwriter and entrepreneur 1931 - 1964

Good Times
Song lyrics, Ain't That Good News (1964)

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„Well, it's a long time coming,
And, meanwhile, we're the wheat between the stones.“

—  Stephen Vincent Benét poet, short story writer, novelist 1898 - 1943

A Child is Born (1942)
Context: Outcasts of war, misfits, rebellious souls,
Seekers of some vague kingdom in the stars —
They hide out in the hills and stir up trouble,
Call themselves prophets, too, and prophesy
That something new is coming to the world,
The Lord knows what! Well, it's a long time coming,
And, meanwhile, we're the wheat between the stones.

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„Actually, it's tough, because he's not really screwing up. He seems to be doing a good job, but we're there just in case — the first time he does anything.“

—  Jimmy Fallon American TV Personality 1974

In answer the question "Is it easy to write jokes [on Saturday Night Live] about President Bush?", posed in the summer of 2001
Smith, Kerry L. (2001-07-05), "Jimmy Fallon". Rolling Stone. (872):153

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