„We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English.“

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Winston S. Churchill602
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1874 - 1965

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„We are living in a world which seems to be founded on the refusal to reflect.“

—  Gabriel Marcel French philosopher, playwright, music critic and leading Christian existentialist 1889 - 1973

Source: Man Against Mass Society (1952), p. 132

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„.. we didn't have the intention at all of founding a new style... What we wanted, was a refusal of the outmoded, overly-cultivated art practices.“

—  Karl Schmidt-Rottluff German artist 1884 - 1976

as quoted in Ernst Ludwig Kirchner und Die 'Brücke: Selbstbildnisse, Künstlerbildnisse, Jutta Hülsewig-Johnen & Egging Björn; Kerber, Bielefeld 2005, p. 174; as quoted by Louise Albiez https://www.researchgate.net/publication/272168564Claire (incl. translation), Brücke und Berlin: 100 Jahre Expressionismus; submitted to the Division of Humanities New College of Florida, Sarasota, Florida, May, 2013 p. 9

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„While we might always have enjoyed self-expression, we have perhaps at times lacked a little bit of self-belief.“

—  Alex Salmond Scottish National Party politician and former First Minister of Scotland 1954

Broadcasting Speech (August 8, 2007)

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„What is not there in English which can be found in Tamil Language?”“

—  Periyar E. V. Ramasamy Tamil politician and social reformer 1879 - 1973

Source: quoted in Book written by M. Venkatesan entitled “EV Ramasamy Naickarin Marupakkam” also https://myvoice.opindia.com/2019/02/rise-of-ev-ramasamy-naicker-and-the-fall-of-tamil-nadu/

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„I have always found that the less we speak of our intentions, the more chance there is of our realizing them.“

—  John Ruskin English writer and art critic 1819 - 1900

Preface to the first edition, 1865
The Ethics of the Dust (1875)

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„Out of the maelstrom of happenings we abstract certain bits to attend to. We snapshot these bits by naming them. Then we begin responding to the names as if they are the bits that we have named, thus obscuring the effects of change.“

—  Neil Postman American writer and academic 1931 - 2003

Teaching as a Subversive Activity (1969)
Context: A fifth kind of semantic awareness has to do with what might be called the "photographic" effects of language. We live in a universe of constant process. Everything is changing in the physical world around us. We ourselves, physically at least, are always changing. Out of the maelstrom of happenings we abstract certain bits to attend to. We snapshot these bits by naming them. Then we begin responding to the names as if they are the bits that we have named, thus obscuring the effects of change. The names we use tend to "fix" that which is named, particularly if the names also carry emotional connotations... There are some semanticists who have suggested that such phrases as "national defense" and "national sovereignty" have been... maintained beyond the date for which they were prescribed. What might have been politically therapeutic at one time may prove politically fatal at another.

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„I have spent the greater part of my life in immediate contemplation of the most grotesque and horrible of the English innovations for the debasement of Ireland. I mean their education system. The English once proposed in their Dublin Parliament a measure for the castration of all Irish priests who refused to quit Ireland. The proposal was so filthy than although it duly passed the House and was transmitted to England with the warm recommendation at the Viceroy. it was not eventually adopted. But the English have actually carried out an even filthier thing. They have planned and established an education system which more wickedly does violence to the elemental human rights of Irish children than would an edict for the general castration of Irish males. The system has aimed at the substitution for men and women of mere Things. It has not been an entire success. There are still a great many thousand men and women in Ireland. But a great many thousand of what, by way of courtesy, we call men and women, are simply Things. Men and women. however depraved, have kindly human allegiances. But these Things have no allegiance. Like other Things. they are For sale. When one uses the term education system as the name of the system of schools. colleges, universities, and whatnot which the English have established in Ireland, one uses it as a convenient label, just as one uses the term government as a convenient label for the system of administration by police which obtains in Ireland instead of a government. There is no education system in Ireland. The English have established the simulacrum of an education system, but its object is the precise contrary of the object of an education system. Education should foster; this education is meant to repress. Education should inspire; this education is meant to tame. Education should harden; this education is meant to enervate. The English are too wise a people to attempt to educate the Irish in any worthy sense. As well expect them to arm us. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eoin_MacNeill Professor Eoin MacNeill] has compared the English education system in Ireland to the systems of slave education which existed in the ancient pagan republics side by side with the systems intended for the education of freemen. To the children of the free were taught all noble and goodly things which would tend to make them strong and proud and valiant; from the children of the slaves all such dangerous knowledge was hidden.“

—  Patrick Pearse Irish revolutionary, shot by the British Army in 1916 1879 - 1916

The Murder Machine

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„if we have not found the heaven within, we have not found the heaven without“

—  James Hilton, book Lost Horizon

Source: Lost Horizon

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„Did you know that Dimitar Berbatov learned how to speak english through the Godfather films…it was a offer he couldn't refuse“

—  Simon Hill Australian television presenter 1967

from a "In the know" section on Manchester United
Quotes from His time at Foxsports

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„Yes, we have consensus that we need 64 bit support.“

—  Larry Wall American computer programmer and author, creator of Perl 1954

[199710291922.LAA07101@wall.org, 1997]
Usenet postings, 1997

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