„Thou are a better counsellor to others
Than to thyself: I judge by deeds not words.“

—  Ajschylos, Prometeusz w okowach

Oryginał: (el) Πολλῷ γ' ἀμείνων τοὺς πέλας φρενοῦν ἔφυς
ἢ σαυτόν. ἔργῳ κοὐ λόγῳ τεκμαίρομαι.
Źródło: Prometheus Bound, lines 335–336 (tr. G. M. Cookson)

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Ajschylos Fotografia
grecki dramaturg -525 - -456 p. n. e.

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John M. Mason Fotografia

„Judge thyself with the judgment of sincerity, and thou wilt judge others with the judgment of charity.“

—  John M. Mason American Doctor of Divinity 1770 - 1829

Źródło: Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers, P. 554.

Nicholas of Cusa Fotografia
Thomas Browne Fotografia

„Be substantially great in thyself, and more than thou appearest unto others.“

—  Thomas Browne, książka Christian Morals

Part I, Section XIX
Christian Morals (first pub. post. 1716)

Francis Bacon Fotografia
Isabella Fyvie Mayo Fotografia
Friedrich Schiller Fotografia

„Wouldst thou know thyself, observe the actions of others.
Wouldst thou other men know, look thou within thine own heart.“

—  Friedrich Schiller German poet, philosopher, historian, and playwright 1759 - 1805

Tabulae Votivae (Votive Tablets) (1796), "The Key"; tr. Edgar Alfred Bowring, The Poems of Schiller, Complete (1851)
Variant translation:[citation needed]
If you want to know yourself,
Just look how others do it;
If you want to understand others,
Look into your own heart

Arthur Hugh Clough Fotografia
Wayne W. Dyer Fotografia
Ali Zayn al-Abidin Fotografia

„The dearest among you to God (the High), is the one whose deeds and behavior are better than others.“

—  Ali Zayn al-Abidin Great-grandson of the Prophet Muhammad 659 - 713

Majlisi, Bihārul Anwār, vol.78, p. 136.
Religious wisdom

John Lancaster Spalding Fotografia
John Burroughs Fotografia
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Fotografia
Percy Bysshe Shelley Fotografia
Pindar Fotografia

„For words
Live longer down the years than deeds.“

—  Pindar Ancient Greek poet -517 - -437 p. n. e.

Nemean 4, line 6; page 213. (473 BC?)
Oryginał: (el) ῥῆμα δ᾽ ἑργμάτων χρονιώτερον βιοτεύει

Tamora Pierce Fotografia

„I believe in deeds, not words.“

—  Tamora Pierce, książka Alanna: The First Adventure

Źródło: Alanna: The First Adventure

Maria Edgeworth Fotografia
T.S. Eliot Fotografia
Sherrilyn Kenyon Fotografia
Thomas Fuller (writer) Fotografia
Anne Brontë Fotografia

„God will judge us by our own thoughts and deeds, not by what others say about us.“

—  Anne Brontë, książka Lokatorka Wildfell Hall

Źródło: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848), Ch. XXXVIV : A Scheme of Escape; Helen to Little Arthur

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