„Who the fuck are you? Get out of my house…and take that fucking bulldozer with you.“

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Billy Connolly fénykép
Billy Connolly
skót színész 1942

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Ozzy Osbourne fénykép
Ozzy Osbourne fénykép
Ozzy Osbourne fénykép

„Its like Dr. Doolittle in this fucking house here.“

—  Ozzy Osbourne English heavy metal vocalist and songwriter 1948

The Osbournes television show

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Gillian Anderson fénykép

„I was a confident fuck-up. I did drugs, and I went to concerts, and I snuck out of the house and I did all that stuff that rebellious teenagers do.“

—  Gillian Anderson American-British film, television and theatre actress, activist and writer 1968

The Guardian "Gillian Anderson on therapy, rebellion and 'being weird'" (February 8, 2015)

Miguel de Cervantes fénykép

„When a man says, "Get out of my house! what would you have with my wife?"“

—  Miguel de Cervantes Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright 1547 - 1616

there is no answer to be made.
Forrás: Don Quixote de la Mancha (1605–1615), Part II (1615), Book III, Ch. 43.

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Shams-i Tabrizi fénykép

„Intellect takes you to the door, but it doesn't take you into the house.“

—  Shams-i Tabrizi 1185-1248, spiritual instructor of Mewlānā Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhi. 1185 - 1248

Me & Rumi (2004)

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Narendra Modi fénykép

„You get tired when you don’t work. When you clean your house, you don’t get tired, it gives you satisfaction.“

—  Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India 1950

Kontextus: I had started the campaign from 15th September. So now it’s 6–7 months since I started the campaign. I am a laborer and my childhood was very tough and physically I am used to all this. I also do my [y]oga and [p]ranayam. But the important point is that I believe you never get tired by doing work. You get tired when you don’t work. When you clean your house, you don’t get tired, it gives you satisfaction.

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