„It's typically Norwegian to be good.“

New Years Eve Speech (1 January 1992)
Eredeti: (no) Det er typisk norsk å være god.

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Gro Harlem Brundtland
norvég orvos, politikus, diplomata, Norvégia miniszterelnöke 1939

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„Scientists are typically good at making scientific progress, but not particularly good at articulating what the progress consists of.“

—  Alan Chalmers, könyv What Is This Thing Called Science?

Forrás: What Is This Thing Called Science? (Third Edition; 1999), Chapter 16, Epilogue, p. 252.

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„Spiritual beauty or the good, generally not only does not coincide with the typical meaning of beauty, it is its opposite.“

—  Leo Tolstoy Russian writer 1828 - 1910

What is Art? (1897)
Kontextus: The good is the everlasting, the pinnacle of our life. … life is striving towards the good, toward God. The good is the most basic idea … an idea not definable by reason … yet is the postulate from which all else follows. But the beautiful … is just that which is pleasing. The idea of beauty is not an alignment to the good, but is its opposite, because for most part, the good aids in our victory over our predilections, while beauty is the motive of our predilections. The more we succumb to beauty, the further we are displaced from the good.... the usual response is that there exists a moral and spiritual beauty … we mean simply the good. Spiritual beauty or the good, generally not only does not coincide with the typical meaning of beauty, it is its opposite.

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„Good government is good politics and politics is good government.“

—  Richard J. Daley American politician 1902 - 1976

[The Mayors: The Chicago Political Tradition, Paul Michael Green, Melvin G. Holli, Southern Illinois University Press, 1995, 144, ISBN 0809319616]
An ofttimes repeated maxim of Daley's to describe his view on the inseparability of politics and government.

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