„Let there be no fainting of heart and no depression, and also let there be no unforeseeing fury, no blindly-striking madness. We are at the beginning of a time of terrible trial. The passage is not to be easy, the crown is not to be cheaply earned. India is going down into the valley of the shadow of death, into a great horror of darkness and suffering. Let us realise that what we are now suffering, is a small part of what we shall have to suffer, and work in that knowledge, with resolution, without hysteria…. The first need at the present moment is courage, a courage which knows not how to flinch or shrink.“

Bande Mataram, 1907
India's Rebirth

Forrás Wikiquote. Utolsó frissítés 2021. június 3.. Történelem
Sri Aurobindo fénykép
Sri Aurobindo7
indiai hazafi, szabadságharcos, filozófus, jógi, guru, és k… 1872 - 1950

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John Locke fénykép
Eleanor Roosevelt fénykép

„I know that we will be the sufferers if we let great wrongs occur without exerting ourselves to correct them.“

—  Eleanor Roosevelt American politician, diplomat, and activist, and First Lady of the United States 1884 - 1962

Forrás: You Learn by Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life

J. Howard Moore fénykép

„We are striving for the amelioration of this suffering world. Let us be economical.“

—  J. Howard Moore 1862 - 1916

Forrás: Why I Am a Vegetarian: An Address Delivered before the Chicago Vegetarian Society (1895), pp. 43–44

Francis Escudero fénykép
Thich Nhat Hanh fénykép
Hilaire Belloc fénykép
Matthieu Ricard fénykép
Marie Antoinette fénykép

„Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?“

—  Marie Antoinette last Queen of France prior to the French Revolution 1755 - 1793

Responding to the priest who had accompanied her to the foot of the guillotine, who had whispered, "Courage, madame! Now is the time for courage." Quoted in Women of Beauty and Heroism (1859) by Frank B. Goodrich, p. 301.
Variant translations:
Courage! The moment when my ills are going to end is not the moment when courage is going to fail me.
To the juror, Abbé Girard, shortly before her death, quoted in Marie-Antoinette a la Conciergerie (du ler août au 16 octobre 1793) 2nd edition (1864) by M. Émile Campardon
Courage? The moment when my troubles are going to end is not the moment when my courage is going to fail me.
As quoted in Marie Antoinette (2008) by Jane Bingham, p. 39

Sue Grafton fénykép
Brené Brown fénykép

„Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.“

—  Brené Brown US writer and professor 1965

Forrás: The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

George Eliot fénykép
Libba Bray fénykép
Anatole France fénykép

„Suffering — how divine it is, how misunderstood! We owe to it all that is good in us, all that gives value to life; we owe to it pity, we owe to it courage, we owe to it all the virtues.“

—  Anatole France French writer 1844 - 1924

La souffrance! quelle divine méconnu! Nous lui devons tout ce qu'il ya de bon en nous, tout ce qui donne du prix à la vie; nous lui devons la pitié, nous lui devons le courage, nous lui devons toutes les vertus.
Le Jardin d'Épicure [The Garden of Epicurus<nowiki>]</nowiki> (1894)

Indro Montanelli fénykép
Anthony Trollope fénykép

„Those who have courage to love should have courage to suffer.“

—  Anthony Trollope English novelist (1815-1882) 1815 - 1882

The Bertrams (1859), Ch. 5 http://books.google.com/books?id=BKwxAQAAMAAJ&q=%22Those+who+have+courage+to+love+should+have+courage+to+suffer%22&pg=PA77#v=onepage

Megan Marie Hart fénykép

„Jewish history is full of suffering and terrible sorrow. But it is also full of immeasurable joy. We honor the suffering through remembrance. We honor the joy through celebration.“

—  Megan Marie Hart American opera singer 1983

From "Persönliche Notiz", in the recital program for the opening event of festival year "100 days, 1700 years – Jewish life in Darmstadt". https://www.darmstadt-tourismus.de/en/visit/events/events/artikel/detail/juedisches-leben-in-darmstadt-festjahr-100-tage-1700-jahre.html Liedgut – Famous Musicians of Jewish Origin (2021), p. 2 http://web.archive.org/web/20210902070031/https://staatstheater-darmstadt.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/produktion/programmbuch/994?response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%3D%22210831_PH_Liedgut_web.pdf%22&response-cache-control=public&X-Amz-Content-Sha256=UNSIGNED-PAYLOAD&X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Credential=AKIAUCI3T77LT4YWGJ7O%2F20210902%2Feu-central-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20210902T070031Z&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Expires=600&X-Amz-Signature=d36591acd16fc78b29808a50bfaf03d75dc5d97aaab1945548d8ad24040d4a9d.
Eredeti: (de) Jüdische Geschichte ist voll von Leiden und schrecklichem Kummer. Aber sie ist auch voll von unermesslicher Freude. Wir ehren das Leiden durch Erinnern. Wir ehren die Freude durch Feiern.

Emil M. Cioran fénykép
Noah Levine fénykép
Atal Bihari Vajpayee fénykép

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