„Some is more equal than others, as is well known. It ain't that your majority is outnumbered, you're just out-surrounded.“

—  Walt Kelly

Tammananny Tiger (to Pogo)
Pogo comic strip (1948 - 1975), Others

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Walt Kelly fénykép
Walt Kelly
1913 - 1973

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George Orwell fénykép

„Four legs good, two legs better! All Animals Are Equal. But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.“

—  George Orwell, könyv Állatfarm

Változat: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
Forrás: Animal Farm

Will Cuppy fénykép

„[on the Borgias' illegitimate births] All children are natural, but some are more so than others and are therefore known as natural children.“

—  Will Cuppy American writer 1884 - 1949

The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody (1950), Part III: Strange Bedfellows, Lucrezia Borgia

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Suheir Hammad fénykép

„Your war drum ain't / louder than this breath.“

—  Suheir Hammad American poet, author, performer, and political activist 1973

Forrás: Zaatardiva

James Thurber fénykép

„When all things are equal, translucence in writing is more effective than transparency, just as glow is more revealing than glare.“

—  James Thurber American cartoonist, author, journalist, playwright 1894 - 1961

Memo to The New Yorker (1959); reprinted in New York Times Book Review (4 December 1988)
Letters and interviews

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Louis Armstrong fénykép

„Making money ain't nothing exciting to me. … You might be able to buy a little better booze than some wino on the corner. But you get sick just like the next cat, and when you die you're just as graveyard dead as he is.“

—  Louis Armstrong American jazz trumpeter, composer and singer 1901 - 1971

Ebony magazine, November 1964 http://books.google.com/books?id=G98DAAAAMBAJ&q=%22making+money+ain't+nothing+exciting+to+me%22+%22You+might+be+able+to+buy+a+little+better+booze+than+some+wino+on+the+corner+But+you+get+sick+just+like+the+next+cat+and+when+you+die+you're+just+as+graveyard+dead+as+he+is%22&pg=PA138#v=onepage

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Robert Mugabe fénykép

„The Commonwealth is a mere club, but it has become like an 'Animal Farm' where some members are more equal than others. How can Blair claim to regulate and direct events and still say all of us are equals?“

—  Robert Mugabe former President of Zimbabwe 1924 - 2019

Richard Dowden, "Mugabe: Commonwealth is 'Animal Farm'", Independent on Sunday, 7 December 2003.
Speech to ZANU-PF Congress, 6 December 2003.
2000s, 2000-2004

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Bob Dylan fénykép

„Ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're trying to be so quiet.“

—  Bob Dylan American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and artist 1941

Song lyrics, Blonde on Blonde (1966), Visions of Johanna
Forrás: Lyrics: 1962-2001

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