„He will soon be claiming that the Resistance has liberated the world“

On Charles De Gaulle from the 1944 interview with, the then MI6 agent, Malcolm Muggeridge. Read the full interview here http://www.chanel-muggeridge.co.uk/the-1944-chanel-muggeridge-interview/.

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Coco Chanel fénykép
Coco Chanel2
1883 - 1971

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George Holyoake fénykép

„A Liberal is one who seeks to secure for everyone the same rights, political, social or religious, which he claims for himself.“

—  George Holyoake British secularist, co-operator, and newspaper editor 1817 - 1906

Undated manuscript, quoted in Ian Bradley, The Optimists: Themes and Personalities in Victorian Liberalism (1980), p. 76

Susan Sontag fénykép

„All struggle, all resistance is -- must be -- concrete. And all struggle has a global resonance. If not here, then there. If not now, then soon. Elsewhere as well as here.“

—  Susan Sontag American writer and filmmaker, professor, and activist 1933 - 2004

Forrás: At the Same Time: Essays and Speeches

Dorothy Thompson fénykép

„What confuses the mind of the average American is that the American collectivist calls himself a Liberal, and has pre-empted a word which has a totally different philosophy behind it. The Fascists and Communists know that Liberalism is the enemy. But the American collectivist, who calls himself a Liberal, believes that he can have the better of two worlds.“

—  Dorothy Thompson American journalist and radio broadcaster 1893 - 1961

Dorothy Thompson’s Political Guide: A Study of American Liberalism and its Relationship to Modern Totalitarian States (1938)
Forrás: A Study of American Liberalism and its Relationship to Modern Totalitarian States (1938)
p. 62

Michael Foot fénykép

„I am a Liberal, first of all, because of the unfaltering resistance which liberalism is pledged to offer to those twin dangers of fascism and war.“

—  Michael Foot British politician 1913 - 2010

'Why I am a Liberal', News Chronicle (4 April 1934), quoted in Kenneth O. Morgan, Michael Foot (Harper Perennial, 2008), p. 30

Marcus Aurelius fénykép

„Soon you will have forgotten the world, and soon the world will have forgotten you.“

—  Marcus Aurelius, könyv Meditations

VII, 21
Meditations (c. 121–180 AD), Book VII
Eredeti: (el) Ἐγγὺς μὲν ἡ σὴ περὶ πάντων λήθη, ἐγγὺς δὲ ἡ πάντων περὶ σοῦ λήθη.

Bertrand Russell fénykép
Dmitry Rogozin fénykép

„The answer to Maidan comes from the South-East (Novorossiya) in the form of anti-fascist resistance and struggle for national liberation.“

—  Dmitry Rogozin Russian diplomat 1963

Dmitry Rogozin ‏@Rogozin on Twitter https://twitter.com/Rogozin/status/478253969652064256 on June 15, 2014, after the attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev.
Eredeti: Потому и ответ на Майдан приобретает на Юго-Востоке форму и смысл национально-освободительной борьбы и антифашистского сопротивления

Al-Mutanabbi fénykép

„He asks from men all that he has in himself, though even lions would not claim to match that.“

—  Al-Mutanabbi Arabic poet from the Abbasid era 915 - 965

From the poem "To Sayf Al-Dawla" http://web.archive.org/web/20140708175325/http://www.princeton.edu/~arabic/poetry/al_mu_to_sayf.html

„An individual who finds that he enjoys seeing others in positions of lesser liberty understands that he has no claim whatever to this enjoyment.“

—  John Rawls, könyv A Theory of Justice

Forrás: A Theory of Justice (1971; 1975; 1999), Chapter I, Section 6, pg. 31

Nicholas Murray Butler fénykép
Tryon Edwards fénykép
Antonio Negri fénykép

„[on zapatistas] The goal has never been to defeat the state and claim sovereign authority but rather to change the world without taking power.“

—  Antonio Negri, könyv Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire

Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire

Kingoro Hashimoto fénykép

„The world is facing a historic turning point because the system of materialistic liberalism has come to a deadlock.“

—  Kingoro Hashimoto officer of Imperial Japanese Army and politician 1890 - 1957

January 1941. Quoted in "The China Monthly Review" - Page 47 - East Asia - 1917

Virginia Woolf fénykép

„The beauty of the world which is so soon to perish, has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder.“

—  Virginia Woolf, könyv A Room of One's Own

Forrás: A Room of One's Own (1929), Ch. 1, p. 17

Mitch Albom fénykép
Hosea Ballou fénykép
Jerry Coyne fénykép

„If Hawking’s world is “small,” well, at least what he found was testable, and might be true. Father de Souza’s claims are either untestable or have already been shown to be doubtful, and he has no evidence for any of them. In requiring people to believe fairy tales, de Souza’s world is not just small, but nonexistent.“

—  Jerry Coyne American biologist 1949

" Catholic priest says that Hawking, while smart, didn’t solve the biggest questions of the universe https://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2018/03/22/catholic-priest-says-that-hawking-while-smart-didnt-solve-the-biggest-questions-of-the-universe/" March 22, 2018

Pierre Joseph Proudhon fénykép

„AXIOM. — Property is the Right of Increase claimed by the Proprietor over any thing which he has stamped as his own.“

—  Pierre Joseph Proudhon French politician, mutualist philosopher, economist, and socialist 1809 - 1865

Forrás: What is Property? (1840), Ch. IV

Hendrik Verwoerd fénykép

„We must have the courage of men and be strong. But the will to resistance of a volk/people is linked to the kind of leadership which he chooses for himself. If he has the will to resistance, he searches for strong leadership and not weak leadership. If you want to be victorious, you have to be prepared to follow leaders who are not prepared to cave in.“

—  Hendrik Verwoerd Prime Minister of South Africa from 1958 until his assassination in 1966 1901 - 1966

Verwoerd in 1963, as quoted and translated by J. J. Venter in H.F. Verwoerd: Foundational aspects of his thought, Koers 64(4) 1999: 415–442

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