„One-hundred percent of British Muslims, polled by Gallup… believe that homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle choice… and fifty-two percent of those Muslims believe that homosexuality, or homosexual sex rather should be made illegal; that I should go to prison, for my love life.“

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JciVfnR2lis Milo Yiannopoulos - Christianity vs. Islam on gays, Sky News (12 July 2016)

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Michele Bachmann fénykép

„This is not about hating homosexuals. I don't. I love homosexuals.“

—  Michele Bachmann American politician 1956

Prophetic Views Behind The News
2004-03-20, hosted by Jan Markell
on a proposed Minnesota state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage

Michel Foucault fénykép
Jair Bolsonaro fénykép

„Admit your love for homosexuals.“

—  Jair Bolsonaro Brazilian president elect 1955

To president Dilma Rousseff, about the School without Homophobia project, at the Chamber of Deputies on 24 November 2011 http://g1.globo.com/politica/noticia/2011/11/bolsonaro-pede-dilma-para-assumir-se-gosta-de-homossexual.html. The Most Misogynistic, Hateful Elected Official in the Democacratic World: Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro https://theintercept.com/2014/12/11/misogynistic-hateful-elected-official-democacratic-world-brazils-jair-bolsonaro/. The Intercept (11 December 2014).

Sophia Loren fénykép

„Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got.“

—  Sophia Loren Italian actress 1934

As quoted in Halliwell’s Filmgoer’s Companion (1984) Leslie Halliwell
Változat: Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got.

Anita Bryant fénykép
Simone de Beauvoir fénykép

„In itself, homosexuality is as limiting as heterosexuality: the ideal should be to be capable of loving a woman or a man; either, a human being, without feeling fear, restraint, or obligation.“

—  Simone de Beauvoir French writer, intellectual, existentialist philosopher, political activist, feminist, and social theorist 1908 - 1986

As quoted in Bisexual Characters in Film: From Anaïs to Zee (1997) by Wayne M. Bryant, p. 143

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Peter Akinola fénykép
John Wayne Gacy fénykép
Demi Lovato fénykép
Camille Paglia fénykép
Jill Stanek fénykép
Phyllis Schlafly fénykép

„Minors are an intended audience for the highly profitable sex industry. Impressionable teenagers are easily persuaded to have abortions, and homosexual clubs in high school are designed for the young.“

—  Phyllis Schlafly American activist 1924 - 2016

[Schlafly, Phyllis, 2004, September, Activist Judges Rule for Special Interests, Phyllis Schlafly Report, 38, 2, http://www.eagleforum.org/psr/2004/sept04/psrsept04.html, 2007-03-30]

Salman al-Ouda fénykép

„Even though homosexuality does not distance oneself from Islam, the Islam does not encourage individuals who have same-sex attraction to show their feelings in public.“

—  Salman al-Ouda journalist 1956

Reported by Eilaph on 30 April 2016, citing an interview in a Swedish newspaper. http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Saudi-cleric-Homosexuality-not-a-deviation-from-Islam-should-not-be-punished-452957

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Ken Ham fénykép

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