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Megan Marie Hart

Date de naissance: 1983

Megan Marie Hart - nous ne avons pas une description plus détaillée de l'auteur.

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Cette traduction est en attente de révision. Est-ce correct?
Cette traduction est en attente de révision. Est-ce correct?

„She helped me feel like I could take risks with the music, which you’re often told not to do. When you watch her, you see that it makes a difference. From now on, I am not going to be afraid to individualize my performances to the max. I won’t be afraid of liberties, if the score permits them. I know I can do it.“

—  Megan Marie Hart

on Marilyn Horne's influence; 2005, as quoted by Zachary Lewis and edited into the Oberlin Review article The Marilyn Horne Experience

„Jewish history is full of suffering and terrible sorrow. But it is also full of immeasurable joy. We honor the suffering through remembrance. We honor the joy through celebration.“

—  Megan Marie Hart

From "Persönliche Notiz", in the recital program for the opening event of festival year "100 days, 1700 years – Jewish life in Darmstadt". Liedgut – Famous Musicians of Jewish Origin (2021), p. 2
Original: (de) Jüdische Geschichte ist voll von Leiden und schrecklichem Kummer. Aber sie ist auch voll von unermesslicher Freude. Wir ehren das Leiden durch Erinnern. Wir ehren die Freude durch Feiern.

„Mimì never forgets to see the beauty in life.“

—  Megan Marie Hart

Original: (de) Mimi vergisst nie, die Schönheit im Leben zu sehen, und ist nicht verbittert.
Variante: Mimi never forgets to see the beauty in life and is not bitter.
Contexte: Mimì is a character in Giacomo Puccini's opera La bohème. Although she is terminally ill, she enjoys life.

„I can't tell you how many directors have decided that Donna Anna wants to be raped by Don Giovanni and is in love with him, even though she has never seen him before.“

—  Megan Marie Hart

American soprano Megan Marie Hart on the male perception of iconic female characters in opera.

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