Jacques Pierre Brissot photo
Jacques Pierre Brissot2
French revolutionary 1754 - 1793
Paul Kruger photo
Paul Kruger3
President of the South African Republic 1825 - 1904
Norman Wisdom photo
Norman Wisdom1
English actor, comedian and singer-songwriter 1915 - 2010
Maryon Pearson photo
Maryon Pearson1
Wife of Prime Minister of Canada 1901 - 1989
Pope Pius VI photo
Pope Pius VI3
pope and sovereign of the Papal States 1717 - 1799
Richard Wrangham photo
Richard Wrangham1
British Primatologist 1948
Nedim Jahić photo
Nedim Jahić2
Bosnian singer 2001
Lynn Compton photo
Lynn Compton6
Easy Company soldier turned noted jurist 1921 - 2012
Tom Bramble photo
Tom Bramble3
Australian trade unionist
Melissa Lucashenko photo
Melissa Lucashenko1
Australian writer 1967
Wilhelmina of the Netherlands photo
Wilhelmina of the Netherlands5
Queen of the Netherlands 1898 - 1948 1880 - 1962
Chuck Holton photo
Chuck Holton1
War correspondent and author 1969
Walter Goffart photo
Walter Goffart1
American historian 1934
Will Gompertz photo
Will Gompertz7
British journalist 1965
Christopher Poole photo
Christopher Poole1
American Internet entrepreneur, founder of 4chan 1988
Waleed Al-Husseini photo
Waleed Al-Husseini2
Palestinian essayist and writer 1989
Jiang Yanyong photo
Jiang Yanyong1
Chinese physician 1931
Ernesto Teodoro Moneta photo
Ernesto Teodoro Moneta1
Italian journalist, nationalist, revolutionary soldier and … 1833 - 1918
Thomas Hylland Eriksen photo
Thomas Hylland Eriksen11
Norwegian social anthropologist and professor 1962
Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor photo
Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor1
Monarch from the House Luxemburg, 1387 to 1437 King of Hung… 1368 - 1437
Mae Jemison photo
Mae Jemison3
American doctor and NASA astronaut 1956
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Vincent Van Gogh photo
Vincent Van Gogh229
Dutch post-Impressionist painter (1853-1890) 1853 - 1890
Mehmed II photo
Mehmed II15
Ottoman sultan 1432 - 1481
Rudolf Steiner photo
Rudolf Steiner20
Austrian esotericist 1861 - 1925
Karl Rahner photo
Karl Rahner5
German Catholic theologian 1904 - 1984
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