David Belle photo
David Belle9
French actor 1973
Ziad K Abdelnour photo
Ziad K Abdelnour1
Lebanese-born American investment banker, financier, activi… 1960
Mahmud al-Kashgari photo
Mahmud al-Kashgari1
Medieval Arab scholar 1029 - 1101
Ashlee Marie Preston photo
Ashlee Marie Preston4
American media personality, producer, and activist
Kathleen Wynne photo
Kathleen Wynne1
25th Premier of Ontario 1953
Frank Gore photo
Frank Gore5
American football running back 1983
William Harrison Moreland photo
William Harrison Moreland1
British civil servant in India and historian 1868 - 1938
Rina Mor photo
Rina Mor4
Israeli lawyer and former Miss Universe 1956
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow photo
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow1
American medical physicist 1921 - 2011
Wilfred Cantwell Smith photo
Wilfred Cantwell Smith1
Canadian academic 1916 - 2000
Ming-Na Wen photo
Ming-Na Wen1
Macau-born American actress 1963
Daniel Chong (animator) photo
Daniel Chong (animator)1
American artist 1978
Massin Akandouch photo
Massin Akandouch1
Amazigh activist 2001
E.E. "Doc" Smith photo
E.E. "Doc" Smith1
Food engineer and author (1890-1965) 1890 - 1965
Sara Ahmed photo
Sara Ahmed5
Australian and British academic 1969
Anita Moorjani photo
Anita Moorjani3
writer 1959
Jeff Foster photo
Jeff Foster13
Spiritual teacher 1980
Carroll Shelby photo
Carroll Shelby1
American automotive designer, racing driver, and entreprene… 1923 - 2012
Harry Gordon Selfridge photo
Harry Gordon Selfridge23
America born English businessman 1858 - 1947
Today anniversaries
Augusto Pinochet photo
Augusto Pinochet28
Former dictator of the republic of Chile 1915 - 2006
Andrew Carnegie photo
Andrew Carnegie33
American businessman and philanthropist 1835 - 1919
Fidel Castro photo
Fidel Castro76
former First Secretary of the Communist Party and President… 1926 - 2016
George Best photo
George Best8
British footballer 1946 - 2005
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