„The way we see the problem is the problem.“

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Stephen R. Covey123
American educator, author, businessman and motivational spe… 1932 - 2012

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„In the child, we see the grown-up. I see the problem differently.“

—  Otto Ohlendorf German general 1907 - 1951
To Leon Goldensohn, March 1, 1946, after Goldensohn asks Ohlendorf, "How did you figure a six month old Jewish infant must be killed - was it an enemy? Quoted in "The Nuremberg Interviews" by Leon Goldensohn, Robert Gellately - History - 2004.

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„It isn't that they can't see the solution. It is that they can't see the problem.“

—  G. K. Chesterton, book The Scandal of Father Brown
The Father Brown Mystery Series (1910 - 1927), The Scandal of Father Brown (1935) The Point of a Pin

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„Do not forget that others won’t see the problems the way you look at or vice versa.“

—  Elia M. Ramollah founder and leader of the El Yasin Community 1973
The Great Master of Thought (Amen- Vol.3), Observing management

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„We shall have to evolve
problem-solvers galore —
since each problem they solve
creates ten problems more.“

—  Piet Hein Danish puzzle designer, mathematician, author, poet 1905 - 1996
Grooks, The Only Solution

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„I don't see any particular problem with that.“

—  Jimmy Wales Wikipedia co-founder and American Internet entrepreneur 1966
Responding to http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikien-l/2007-March/066648.html the deletion of a Wikipedia article from non-administrator view, while the article's deletion was being reviewed by the community. (27 March 2007)

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„The answer is in the problem, not away from the problem. I go through the searching, analysing, dissecting process, in order to escape from the problem. But, if I do not escape from the problem and try to look at the problem without any fear or anxiety, if I merely look at the problem — mathematical, political, religious, or any other — and not look to an answer, then the problem will begin to tell me. Surely, this is what happens. We go through this process and eventually throw it aside because there is no way out of it. So, why can’t we start right from the beginning, that is, not seek an answer to a problem?“

—  Jiddu Krishnamurti Indian spiritual philosopher 1895 - 1986
Posthumous publications, The Collected Works, which is extremely arduous, isn’t it? Because, the more I understand the problem, the more significance there is in it. To understand, I must approach it quietly, not impose on the problem my ideas, my feelings of like and dislike. Then the problem will reveal its significance. Why is it not possible to have tranquillity of the mind right from the beginning? "Eighth Talk in The Oak Grove, 7 August 1949" http://www.jkrishnamurti.org/krishnamurti-teachings/view-text.php?tid=320&chid=4643&w=%22The+answer+is+in+the+problem%2C+not+away+from+the+problem%22, J.Krishnamurti Online, JKO Serial No. 490807, Vol. V, p. 283

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