„My life is over, for all practical purposes. I no longer have enough money to keep a women.“

Emmett, from Gringos
True Grit (1968)

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Charles Portis24
American actor 1933

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„Tragedy on the stage is no longer enough for me, I shall bring it into my own life.“

—  Antonin Artaud French-Occitanian poet, playwright, actor and theatre director 1896 - 1948

Quoted in the memoirs of Jean-Louis Barrault, The Grenier des Grands-Augustins, pt. 2, Memories for Tomorrow (1972, trans. 1974).

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—  John S. Bell Northern Irish physicist 1928 - 1990

Against 'measurement' (1990)
Context: I agree with them about that: ORDINARY QUANTUM MECHANICS (as far as I know) IS JUST FINE FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES. Even when I begin by insisting on this myself, and in capital letters, it is likely to be insisted on repeatedly in the course of the discussion. So it is convenient to have an abbreviation for the last phrase: FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES = FAPP.

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„A very special thanks to all the women that have cum in and out of my life.“

—  Eamon (singer) American singer 1984

Quotes from liner notes, I Don't Want You Back

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„The purpose of my life is to try out the ideas I have for it.“

—  Martin Firrell British artist and activist 1963

"The Question Mark Inside" (2008)

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„I do have this one purpose — increasing the intensity of my consciousness of life.“

—  Homi J. Bhabha 1909-1966, Indian nuclear physicist 1909 - 1966

As quoted in the "Homi Jehangir Bhabha" profile at the Vigyan Prasar Science Portal http://www.vigyanprasar.gov.in/scientists/bhabha/BHABHANEW.HTM
Context: I know quite clearly what I want out of my life. Life and my emotions are the only things I am conscious of. I love the consciousness of life and I want as much of it as I can get. But the span of one's life is limited. What comes after death no one knows. Nor do I care. Since, therefore, I cannot increase the content of life by increasing its duration, I will increase it by increasing its intensity. Art, music, poetry and everything else … I do have this one purpose — increasing the intensity of my consciousness of life.

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„I have, through my whole life, held the practice of slavery in such abhorrence“

—  John Adams 2nd President of the United States 1735 - 1826

1810s, Letter to Robert J. Evans (1819)
Context: I have, through my whole life, held the practice of slavery in such abhorrence, that I have never owned a negro or any other slave, though I have lived for many years in times, when the practice was not disgraceful, when the best men in my vicinity thought it not inconsistent with their character, and when it has cost me thousands of dollars for the labor and subsistence of free men, which I might have saved by the purchase of negroes at times when they were very cheap.

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„Very old money was behind the Crow’s Nest. And enough of it that its Owners didn’t mind losing some every month to keep the place going. It was a kind of eleemosynary institution, created to serve not culture and not dukh, but a thing called the Purpose.“

—  Neal Stephenson, book Seveneves

And if Ty kept working there for another few decades, perhaps one of the Owners would sit him down one day in the Bolt Hole and deign to tell him what exactly the Purpose was.
"Five Thousand Years Later"
Seveneves (2015), Part Three

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„If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.“

—  Aristotle Onassis Greek shipping magnate 1906 - 1975

Quoted in Barbara Rowes, The Book of Quotes (1979)

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„Money does not represent such a value as men have placed upon it. All my money has been invested into experiments with which I have made new discoveries enabling mankind to have a little easier life.“

—  Nikola Tesla Serbian American inventor 1856 - 1943

As quoted in "A Visit to Nikola Tesla" by Dragislav L. Petković in Politika (April 1927); also in Tesla, Master of Lightning (1999) by Margaret Cheney, Robert Uth, and Jim Glenn, p. 82

„I sell my time to get enough money to buy it back.“

—  James Richardson American poet 1950

Vectors: Aphorisms and Ten Second Essays (2001)

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„I am with the uprising of women in the Arab world because I can think and fully practice my religion (like men). Also, I’m in debt to my daughter to offer her an honorable life.“

—  Loujain al-Hathloul Saudi Arabian activist 1989

As quoted in Did Facebook censor an Arab Women’s Rights Group?l http://www.vocativ.com/tech/facebook/facebook-double-standard-why-these-women-had-their-pictures-taken-down/index.html (November 13, 2012), Vocativ.

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