„Constructive process is a process of development and learning is a process of reconstruction of nature.“


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Thai politician 1935

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„Processing the human raw material is naturally more complicated than processing lumber.“

—  Maxim Gorky Russian and Soviet writer 1868 - 1936

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„Learning's always a painful process.“

—  Luc Besson French film director, writer, and producer 1959

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„Innovation - the heart of technological change - is fundamentally a learning process.“

—  Peter Dicken British geographer 1938

Source: Global Shift (2003) (Fourth Edition), Chapter 4, Technology: The Engine of change, p. 115

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„Man is the result of a purposeless and natural process that did not have him in mind.“

—  George Gaylord Simpson American paleontologist 1902 - 1984

George Gaylord Simpson (1967) The Meaning of Evolution, revised edition. New Haven: Yale University Press. p. 345.

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