„There have been a few players described as the new George Best over the years, but this is the first time it's been a compliment to me.“

On Cristiano Ronaldo; reported in " Funniest ever footie quotes http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article891202.ece", TheSun.co.uk (March 8, 2008).

George Best photo
George Best8
British footballer 1946 - 2005

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Mark Twain photo
Helen Keller photo
Don McLean photo

„As you can imagine, over the years I have been asked many times to discuss and explain my song "American Pie"“

—  Don McLean American Singer and songwriter 1945

As quoted in "What is Don McLean's song 'American Pie' all about?" at The Straight Dope (15 May 1993) http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/908/what-is-don-mcleans-song-american-pie-all-about
Context: As you can imagine, over the years I have been asked many times to discuss and explain my song "American Pie" I have never discussed the lyrics, but have admitted to the Holly reference in the opening stanzas. You will find many interpretations of my lyrics but none of them by me. … Sorry to leave you all on your own like this but long ago I realized that songwriters should make their statements and move on, maintaining a dignified silence.

Adam Smith photo
Roberto Baggio photo

„Roberto Baggio was the best Italian fantasista; he was better than Meazza and Boniperti, and he was amongst the greatest of all time, right behind Maradona, Pelé, and maybe Cruyff. Without the injury problems and the difficulties with his knees, he would have been the very best player in history.“

—  Roberto Baggio Italian association football player 1967

Carlo Mazzone
Source: Roberto Baggio: il più grande del calcio italiano, calciopro.com, Italian, 9 October 2014 http://www.calciopro.com/calcio-italiano/roberto-baggio-il-piu-grande-del-calcio-italiano/,

Everett Dirksen photo

„We have been through this biennial convulsion four or five different times over the past 10 or 12 years, and now it appears that we are going through this quiet agony all over again.“

—  Everett Dirksen United States Army officer 1896 - 1969

Remarks in the Senate on a resolution to amend Senate Rule 22 (cloture), Congressional Record (January 11, 1967), vol. 113, p. 182

Carrie Underwood photo
Ann Brashares photo
Taylor Swift photo
Marguerite Yourcenar photo

„The true birthplace is that wherein for the first time one looks intelligently upon oneself; my first homelands have been books.“

—  Marguerite Yourcenar, book Memoirs of Hadrian

Le véritable lieu de naissance est celui où l'on a porté pour la première fois un coup d'oeil intelligent sur soi-même: mes premières patries ont été des livres.
Source: Memoirs of Hadrian (1951), p. 33

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Jeff Buckley photo

„His voice is an incredible instrument, angelic and powerful and mean at the same time. Tortured. He has been a huge inspiration and influence to me over the last two years. This tune is just unreal.“

—  Jeff Buckley American singer, guitarist and songwriter 1966 - 1997

Jonny Lang – Blues artist, from Rolling Stone Magazine, issues #820, September 2, 1999

Malcolm Muggeridge photo

„Few men of action have been able to make a graceful exit at the appropriate time.“

—  Malcolm Muggeridge English journalist, author, media personality, and satirist 1903 - 1990

The Most of Malcolm Muggeridge http://books.google.com/books?id=vI0uAAAAMAAJ&q=%22Few+men+of+action+have+been+able+to+make+a+graceful+exit+at+the+appropriate+time%22&pg=PA239#v=onepage (1966)

Fernando Pessoa photo

„It's been a long time since I've been me.“

—  Fernando Pessoa, book The Book of Disquiet

Ibid., p. 143
The Book of Disquiet
Original: Há muito tempo que não sou eu.

Marguerite Yourcenar photo

„Few bipeds, from Adam's time down, have been worthy of the name of man.“

—  Marguerite Yourcenar, book The Abyss

Peu de bipèdes depuis Adam ont mérité le nom d'homme.
"A Conversation in Innsbruck", p. 114
The Abyss (1968)

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Vikas Swarup photo
Gordon Brown photo

„It is time to train British workers for the British jobs that will be available over the coming few years and to make sure that people who are inactive and unemployed are able to get the new jobs on offer in our country.“

—  Gordon Brown British Labour Party politician 1951

"Brown pledges 'British workers for British jobs'", Evening Standard, 5 June 2007, p. 1.
Speech to the GMB Union, 5 June 2007.
Chancellor of the Exchequer

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