„There is a high fantasy element in the music, but I’m incredibly plugged into what’s going on politically, socially and pretty much in every way except pop-culturally. I’ve had a very real life, and there have been a lot of things that took a lot of strength and wherewithal to figure out… things I’m still figuring out. That’s probably why the music has such an element of escapism to it“

NME http://www.nme.com/features/a-letter-from-lana-del-rey-the-full-nme-cover-interview-757009 (11 December 2015)

Adopted from Wikiquote. Last update May 22, 2020. History
Lana Del Rey photo
Lana Del Rey9
American singer-songwriter 1985

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„For every album I’ve ever made, I’ve written many times more music than has actually been released, and the way I choose which music appears is almost totally random, but one thing I have never done is to make music for the sake of commercialism“

—  Vangelis Greek composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, pop rock, and orchestral music 1943

Context: On albums and commercialism: "For every album I’ve ever made, I’ve written many times more music than has actually been released, and the way I choose which music appears is almost totally random, but one thing I have never done is to make music for the sake of commercialism... I don’t think it’s possible to guarantee commercial success for an album anyway, because nobody really knows what is commercial and what isn’t. Even if I went out of my way to make an album that was more accessible to the public, that would not guarantee its commercial success".

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„I would be very present in his life right now. I would be probably with him a good chunk of the time, just there to talk, to figure out what's going on in his head, to figure out who's in his life and who's not, you know.“

—  Michelle Obama lawyer, writer, wife of Barack Obama and former First Lady of the United States 1964

On what she would do in the place of Justin Bieber's mother (10 February 2014) http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/michelle-obama-justin-bieber-mom-present-life-article-1.1608513#ixzz2wGte2OyF

„I figure there's two things in a movie: that you are looking at something, you are listening to something. So I like to put a lot of attention into the music and into the recording of the dialogue and into the sets.“

—  Anna Biller film director 1965

FrightFest 2016 - The Love Witch Interview with Anna Biller - 4 Sep 2016, at 0 Min 30 Sec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x4awb_fS84
From interview with FrightFest

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„It’s been a crazy year, as always — the story of my life — but it’s been a great year. Right now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my personal life. I’m happily married. Yeah, there’s lots of ups and downs, but that’s what makes us strong is getting through them all.“

—  Hope Solo American association football player 1981

As quoted in "Hope Solo: 'I'm the happiest I’ve ever been in my personal life. I'm happily married'" http://www.seattletimes.com/sports/sounders/hope-solo-im-the-happiest-ive-ever-been-in-my-personal-life-im-happily-married/, Seattle Times (January 24, 2013)

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„We can all spend an awfully long time going over lots of stuff that I’ve written over the last 30 years… all of which in my view have been taken out of context, but never mind… I’m afraid that there is such a rich thesaurus now of things that I have said that have been one way or another, through what alchemy I do not know, somehow misconstrued that it would take me too long to engage in a full global itinerary of apology to all concerned.“

—  Boris Johnson British politician, historian and journalist 1964

in his first meeting with the press during visit by US Secretary of state John Kerry in July 2016 "Theresa May dodges question about Boris Johnson's use of racial slurs" http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/pmqs-theresa-may-boris-johnson-racist-slur-picanninies-party-kenyan-obama-dodges-question-uk-foreign-a7146126.html, Independent (July 20, 2016); "Kerry poker-faced as press takes Johnson to task for 'outright lies'" http://edition.cnn.com/2016/07/20/politics/boris-johnson-john-kerry-presser/index.html, CNN (July 20, 2016)
2010s, 2016

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„The last thing I wanted to do was put politics into my music... because music was my escape.“

—  Gloria Estefan Cuban-American singer-songwriter, actress and divorciada 1957

iTunes interview (released June 2, 2007)
2007, 2008

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„Polyphonic painting is superior to music in that, here, the time element becomes a spatial element. The notion of simultaneity stands out even more richly.“

—  Paul Klee German Swiss painter 1879 - 1940

Paul Klee, quote from 'Diaries III', 1917; as quoted in 'Klee & Kandinsky', 2015 exhibition text, Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau Munich, 2015-2016 https://www.zpk.org/en/exhibitions/review_0/2015/klee-kandinsky-969.html
1916 - 1920

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„Nemtsov sacrificed a lot for politics, for a freer Russia — and I’m not just talking about his life, his mortal life.“

—  Jay Nordlinger American journalist 1963

"A Russian Patriot and His Country, Part I" https://www.nationalreview.com/2017/04/russian-patriot-and-his-country-part-i-vladimir-kara-murza/ (10 April 2017), National Review

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