„We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system! And with my inclination to practical action it seems obvious to me that we have to put a better, more just, more moral system in its place, one which, as it were, has arms and legs and better arms and legs than the present one!“

" Thoughts about the Tasks of the Future https://books.google.com/books?id=fG_oAAAAIAAJ&pg=PA87", by Gregor Strasser - (1926 June 15)

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Gregor Strasser12
German politician, rival of Adolf Hitler inside the Nazi Ps… 1892 - 1934

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„We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.“

—  Adolf Hitler Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany, Leader of the Nazi Party 1889 - 1945

This misattribution is sourced from John Toland. In Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography (1976), it is attributed to Hitler in a speech of May 1, 1927. It is recorded in Thoughts about the Tasks of the Future by Gregor Strasser on June 15, 1926.

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„The Capitalist system with its exploitation of those who are economically weak, with its robbery of the workers labour power, with its unethical way of appraising human beings by the number of things and the amount of money he possesses, instead of by their internal value and their achievements, must be replaced by a new and just economic system, in a word by German Socialism.“

—  Gregor Strasser German politician, rival of Adolf Hitler inside the Nazi Psrty 1892 - 1934

Tradition & Revolution: Collected Writings of Troy Southgate, editors: Patrick Boch, Jacob Christiansen and John B. Morgan, UK, Arktos Media (2010) p. 66.

„When any system has for its goal the advancement of the system over the betterment of its individual members, such a system is embedded in slavery.“

—  Gerry Spence American lawyer 1929

Source: Give Me Liberty! (1998), Ch. 7 : The New Slave Master, p. 79

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„A system is more than the sum of its parts.“

—  Walter F. Buckley American sociologist 1922 - 2006

Source: Sociology and modern systems theory (1967), p. 42.

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„A system is more than the sum of its parts; it is an indivisible whole. It loses its essential properties when it is taken apart. The elements of a system may themselves be systems, and every system may be part of a larger system.“

—  Russell L. Ackoff Scientist 1919 - 2009

Ackoff (1973) "Science in the Systems Age: beyond IE, OR and MS." in: Operations Research Vol 21, pp. 664.

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„Even when we lose an arm or a leg, there's not less of us but more. Human experience weighs more than human tissue.“

—  Augusten Burroughs American writer 1965

Source: This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More. For Young and Old Alike.

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„Under the present capitalistic system venality is an all-pervading vice.“

—  Johann Most German-American anarchist politician, newspaper editor, and orator 1846 - 1906

The Beast of Property (1884)

„It serves to remind us that, in trying to explain the globalization of economic activity, we are dealing with the workings of a dynamic capitalist market system, and not just individual agents within it.“

—  Peter Dicken British geographer 1938

Source: Global Shift (2003) (Fourth Edition), Chapter 7, Transnational Corporations, p. 202

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„The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war.“

—  Benjamín Netanyahu Israeli prime minister 1949

Speech at the Knesset at the end of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict, as quoted in "Olmert: We will continue to pursue Hizbullah leaders" in The Globes (14 August 2006) http://www.globes.co.il/serveen/globes/docview.asp?did=1000122795&fid=942
2000s, 2006

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