„Chicago is an October sort of city even in spring.“

Source: Chicago: City on the Make

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Nelson Algren30
American novelist, short story writer 1909 - 1981

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„Chicago is not the most corrupt American city, it's the most theatrically corrupt.“

—  Studs Terkel American author, historian and broadcaster 1912 - 2008

The Dick Cavett Show (9 June 1978)

„Chicago for me means life. I have lived in Chicago all my life. It keeps calling me back even though I have tried to escape. Chicago is a city filled with some of the most corruption and also some of the most courageous and successful organizing resistance overall. Chicago will always affect how I represent myself when I travel. It is home…“

—  Kristiana Rae Colón American poet and playwright 1986

On her relationship to the city of Chicago in “Aprils Fools and Their Universe: Kristiana Rae Colón and #LetUsBreathe Collective” http://sixtyinchesfromcenter.org/aprils-fools-and-their-universe-kristiana-rae-colon-and-letusbreathe-collective/ in Sixty (2018 Oct 30)

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„[Chicago is] the only major city in the country where you can easily buy your way out of a murder rap.“

—  Nelson Algren American novelist, short story writer 1909 - 1981

"Chicago, which he once described to me as [...]", quoted by Kurt Vonnegut, 1986.
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„I took a trip to Florence and Rome in October and in the spring I will probably go to Florence to live as it is the city I like the most. I have been working and studying a lot and I now have very different goals than before..“

—  Giorgio de Chirico Italian artist 1888 - 1978

Quote from De Chirico's letter to Mr. Fritz Gartz, 27 Dec. 1909; from LETTERS BY GIORGIO DE CHIRICO, GEMMA DE CHIRICO AND ALBERTO DE CHIRICO TO FRITZ GARTZ, MILAN-FLORENCE, 1908-1911 http://www.fondazionedechirico.org/wp-content/uploads/559-567Metafisica7_8.pdf, p. 560
1908 - 1920

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„Your life must be an open city, with all sorts of ways to wander in.“

—  Robin Sloan American writer 1979

Source: Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore (2012), Chapter 31 “Epilogue” (p. 288)

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„Not only are Puerto Ricans citizens by birth, but one would be hard-pressed to find a Puerto Rican without a sister in New York or a son in Chicago, a cousin in Orlando or a daughter in Honolulu or Oklahoma City.“

—  Luis A. Ferré American politician 1904 - 2003

On the subject of the Puerto Rican diaspora to a United States Senate committee in 1998, as quoted by the New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2003/10/22/us/luis-a-ferre-dies-at-99-pushed-puerto-rican-statehood.html.

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