„I'm not perfect… But I'm enough.“

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Carl R. Rogers28
American psychologist 1902 - 1987

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„There will be a "Oops 100." They'll be plenty more oopses. I'm not perfect. I'm human.“

—  Britney Spears American singer, dancer and actress 1981

Matt Lauer interview http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13347509/page/4/, MSNBC (14 June 2006)

Citát „I'm not perfect. But I'll always be real.“
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„I'm the reflection of perfection, the number one selection.“

—  Billy Graham (wrestler) American professional wrestler, american football player, bodybuilder 1943

Billy Graham, Tangled Ropes: Superstar Billy Graham (2006)

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„I'm addicted to perfection. Problem with my life is I was always also addicted to chaos. Perfect chaos.“

—  Mike Tyson American boxer 1966

On himself

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„Some people say that i'm not worth it
I've made mistakes but nobody's perfect“

—  James Morrison English singer-songwriter and guitarist 1984

One Last Chance
Song lyrics, Undiscovered (James Morrison album) (2006)

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„Despite my best efforts, I'm not quite perfect. Let's just say I'm like one of those Hopi blankets where they leave a tiny flaw so as to not affront the Lord.“

—  Jen Lancaster American writer 1967

Source: Bitter Is the New Black: Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smartass, Or, Why You Should Never Carry A Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office

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„Sometimes I want to joke but my English isn't perfect. Sometimes people are wondering what I'm talking about.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin Russian ice hockey player 1985

Pierre Lebrun, The Canadian Press (September 6, 2006) "Caps' Ovechkin says he is not ready to wear the 'C'", The Chronicle Herald, p. D3.

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„I'm so tired of pretending my life isn't perfect and bitching and just winning every second.“

—  Charlie Sheen American film and television actor 1965

On The Alex Jones Show February 24 2011

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„In another's eyes I'm afraid that I can't see
This picture perfect portrait that they paint of me.
They don't realize and I pray they never do,
'Cause every time I look I'm seein' you
In another's eyes.“

—  Garth Brooks American country music artist 1962

In Another's Eyes, written by Bobby Wood, John Peppard, and G. Brooks, duet with Trisha Yearwood.
Song lyrics, Sevens (1997)

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