„One who would influence the masses must have recourse to the art of advertisement. The clamour of puffery is to-day requisite even for an intellectual movement.“

Man in the Modern Age (1933)
Kontekst: When the titanic apparatus of the mass-order has been consolidated, the individual has to serve it, and must from time to time combine with his fellows in order to renovate it. If he wants to make his livelihood by intellectual activity, he will find it very difficult to do this except by satisfying the needs of the many. He must give currency to something that will please the crowd. They seek satisfaction in the pleasures of the table, eroticism, self-assertion; they find no joy in life if one of these gratifications be curtailed. They also desire some means of self-knowledge. They desire to be led in such as way that they can fancy themselves leaders. Without wishing to be free, they would fain be accounted free. One who would please their taste must produce what is really average and commonplace, though not frankly styled such; must glorify or at least justify something as universally human. Whatever is beyond their understanding is uncongenial to them.
One who would influence the masses must have recourse to the art of advertisement. The clamour of puffery is to-day requisite even for an intellectual movement. The days of quiet and unpretentious activity seem over and done with. You must keep yourself in the public eye, give lectures, make speeches, arouse a sensation. Yet the mass-apparatus lacks true greatness of representation, lacks solemnity. <!-- pp. 43 - 44

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Karl Jaspers Fotografia
Karl Jaspers5
niemiecki psychiatra i filozof 1883 - 1969

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Gore Vidal Fotografia
Jean Baudrillard Fotografia
Edwin Lefèvre Fotografia

„There is no question that advertising is an art, and manipulation is the art of advertising through the medium of the tape.“

—  Edwin Lefèvre, książka Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Źródło: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (1923), Chapter XX, p. 236

Vladimir Tatlin Fotografia

„The influence of my art is expressed in the movement of the Constructivists, of which I am the founder – Tatlin.“

—  Vladimir Tatlin Russian artist 1885 - 1953

Quoted from a biographical note written by Tatlin in 1929, published in Tatlin', Weingarten; Kunstverlag Weingarten, 1987), p. 328; as quoted by Vasilii Rakitin, in The great Utopia - The Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde, 1915-1932; Guggenheim Museum, New York, 1992, p. 34
Quotes, 1926 - 1954

Edgar Degas Fotografia

„You must do over the same subject ten times, a hundred times. In art nothing must appear accidental, even a movement.“

—  Edgar Degas French artist 1834 - 1917

posthumous quotes, The Shop-Talk of Edgar Degas', (1961)

Ellen Willis Fotografia
Ho Chi Minh Fotografia

„Democracy means to rely on the masses, correctly follow the mass line. Hence to be successful, the movement against embezzlement, waste and bureaucracy must rely on the masses.“

—  Ho Chi Minh Vietnamese communist leader and first president of Vietnam 1890 - 1969

"To Practice Thrift and Oppose Embezzlement (1952)

Jacoba van Heemskerck Fotografia

„For you it must be a great satisfaction that you have done so much for modern art. If Der Sturm had not worked like this for ten years then Germany would not have been at the forefront of the movement.“

—  Jacoba van Heemskerck Dutch painter 1876 - 1923

translation from Dutch, Fons Heijnsbroek, 2018, version in Dutch / citaat van Jacoba van Heemskerck, in het Nederlands vertaald: Voor jou een grote bevrediging dat je zo veel voor de moderne kunst gedaan hebt. Als Der Sturm niet tien jaren zo gewerkt had [met o.a. maandelijkse exposities!] dan had Duitsland niet aan de spits van de beweging gestaan.
In her letter to Herwarth Walden, 24 August 1921; as cited in Jacoba van Heemskerck van Beest, 1876 – 1923: schilderes uit roeping, A. H. Huussen jr. (ed. Marleen Blokhuis), (ISBN: 90-400-9064-5); Waanders, Zwolle, 2005, p. 183
Jacoba refers to the almost monthly exhibitions and the many publications of Der Sturm

Ingrid Newkirk Fotografia
Wilhelm Lehmbruck Fotografia

„Every work of art must retain something from the first days of creation, something of the smell of earth, or one could even say: something animate.“

—  Wilhelm Lehmbruck German sculptor 1881 - 1919

As quoted in The Art of Wilhelm Lehmbruck (1972) by Reinhold Heller

Fortunato Depero Fotografia

„The art of the future will be largely advertising.“

—  Fortunato Depero Italian painter, writer, sculptor and graphic designer 1892 - 1960

Depero (1931) "Futurism and Adverticing Art"; Partly quoted in: Jonathon Keats, " Fortunato Depero's Italian Futurism http://www.forbes.com/forbes-life-magazine/2009/0608/art-fortunato-depero-italian-futurism.html," forbes.com, 2009/06/08
Kontekst: The art of the future will be largely advertising.
that bold and unimpeachable lesson I have learned from museums and great works from the past—
all art for centuries past has been marked by advertising purposes: the exaltation of the warrior, the saint; documentation of deeds, ceremonies, and historical personages depicted at their victories, with their symbols, in the regalia of command and splendor—
even their highest products were simultaneously meant to glorify something: architecture, royal palaces, thrones, drapery, halberds, standards, heraldry and arms of every sort—
there is scarcely an ancient work that doesn’t have advertising motifs, a garland with a trophy, with weapons of war and victory, all stamped with seals and the original symbols of clans, all with the self-celebrating freedom of ultra-advertising

Cassandra Clare Fotografia
Alija Izetbegović Fotografia
Aldous Huxley Fotografia

„Unlike the masses, intellectuals have a taste for rationality and an interest in facts.“

—  Aldous Huxley, książka Brave New World Revisited

Źródło: Brave New World Revisited (1958), Chapter 5 (p. 43)

Napoleon I of France Fotografia
Joyce Carol Oates Fotografia
Siegbert Tarrasch Fotografia
Carl von Clausewitz Fotografia

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