„2330. Live not to thyself alone; but have it in Mind, that we are all Members of one Body: and it is as natural to help one another, as for the Hands to help the Feet; and the Eyes the Hands.“

Introductio ad prudentiam: Part II (1727)

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Thomas Fuller (writer) Fotografia
Thomas Fuller (writer)420
British physician, preacher, and intellectual 1654 - 1734

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Jean De La Fontaine Fotografia

„People must help one another; it is nature's law.“

—  Jean De La Fontaine French poet, fabulist and writer. 1621 - 1695

"L'Ane et le Chien", as quoted in On a Darkling Plain (1995) by Richard Lee Byers, p. 94.

„It is precisely when we help one another that we gain our victories over corruption, but the victory is assured only when we help one another with all our strength.“

—  Pierre Stephen Robert Payne British lecturer, novelist, historian, poet and biographer 1911 - 1983

The Corruptions Of the Physical Body, p. 6
The Corrupt Society - From Ancient Greece To Present-Day America (1975)

Thomas Fuller (writer) Fotografia

„6099. Help, Hands;
For I have no Lands.“

—  Thomas Fuller (writer) British physician, preacher, and intellectual 1654 - 1734

Compare Poor Richard's Almanack (1745) : Help, Hands; for I have no Lands.
Introductio ad prudentiam: Part II (1727), Gnomologia (1732)

Jean De La Fontaine Fotografia

„Help thyself and Heaven will help thee.“

—  Jean De La Fontaine French poet, fabulist and writer. 1621 - 1695

Aide-toi, le ciel t'aidera.
Book VI (1668), fable 17.
Fables (1668–1679)

George Herbert Fotografia

„533. Help thyselfe, and God will helpe thee.“

—  George Herbert Welsh-born English poet, orator and Anglican priest 1593 - 1633

Jacula Prudentum (1651)

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Michelangelo Buonarroti Fotografia
R. A. Lafferty Fotografia

„We will quickly measure you one way or another. We have no living ex-members.“

—  R. A. Lafferty American writer 1914 - 2002

Źródło: Space Chantey (1968), Ch. 7
Kontekst: "This is the Improbable Club," said the President-Emeritus in a heavy muffled voice, "and you things have made an improbable entry. Many unqualified persons have attempted to crash this Club, but you have done it literally. Whether you will be able to qualify for our high membership is another thing. It will not matter. We accept, for a brief moment at least, all who come here as members. We will quickly measure you one way or another. We have no living ex-members. Sit you down, all, and unwind your ears. Remember, each topper must be topped."

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Gloria Estefan Fotografia

„The separation of families to me is very close to my heart because we lived that as immigrants. I strongly feel that we all connected, and having felt people's love and support first-hand through difficult moments in my life, makes me feel it's our responsibility to help one another. I am privileged to help in some way, and I will always take that opportunity.“

—  Gloria Estefan Cuban-American singer-songwriter, actress and divorciada 1957

comment to The Associated Press (September 10, 2005) as she prepared to lead a contingent of Hispanic-American entertainers on a humanitarian mission to Hurricane Katrina victims in Louisiana and Mississippi
2007, 2008

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Erich Fromm Fotografia
J.B. Priestley Fotografia
Robert G. Ingersoll Fotografia

„The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray.“

—  Robert G. Ingersoll Union United States Army officer 1833 - 1899

Źródło: The Children of the Stage (1899), Last paragraph.
Źródło: The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. IV

Henry David Thoreau Fotografia

„The eye may see for the hand, but not for the mind.“

—  Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862 American poet, essayist, naturalist, and abolitionist 1817 - 1862

A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/etext03/7cncd10.txt (1849), Friday

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Ralph Waldo Emerson Fotografia

„One of the most beautiful compensations in life is that no person can help another without helping themselves“

—  Ralph Waldo Emerson American philosopher, essayist, and poet 1803 - 1882

Wariant: It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.

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