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Sir Alexander Fleming

Születési dátum: 6. augusztus 1881
Halál dátuma: 11. március 1955
Más nevek: Alexander Sir Fleming

Sir Alexander Fleming skót bakteriológus és immunológus. Felfedezte az antibakteriális lizozim enzimet, valamint 1928-ban az első antibiotikumot, a penicillint. Utóbbi eredményéért Howard Florey-jel és Ernst Boris Chainnal közösen 1945-ben elnyerte az orvostudományi Nobel-díjat.

Idézetek Sir Alexander Fleming

„How fortunate we didn't have these animal tests in the 1940s, for penicillin would probably not have been granted a licence, and possibly the whole field of antibiotics might never have been realised.“

—  Alexander Fleming

Reported in Dennis V. Parke, "Clinical Pharmacokinetics in Drug Safety Evaluation," in ATLA: Alternatives To Laboratory Animals, vol. 22, no. 3, May/June 1994, p. 208.
The context is: "the present approach to drug safety evaluation, based on experimental animal studies, is known to be of questionable scientific veracity and has never been satisfactorily validated as an appropriate surrogate system for man. My former teacher, Sir Alexander Fleming, in his late years, chided me, saying …"

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„One sometimes finds what one is not looking for.“

—  Alexander Fleming

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