Rudolf Carnap idézet

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Rudolf Carnap

Születési dátum: 18. május 1891
Halál dátuma: 14. szeptember 1970
Más nevek: ڕودۆلف کارناپ, Рудолф Карнап, رودلف کارناپ

Rudolf Carnap német-amerikai filozófus. A logikai pozitivizmus irányzatának szellemi vezére. Fő eredményeket a tudományfilozófia, ismeretelmélet, nyelvfilozófia, matematika, logika, a logika filozófiája, a matematika filozófiája és számítástudomány területén ért el. Wikipedia

„Ha valami elvileg túl lenne a lehetséges tapasztalaton, akkor nem lehetne sem elmondani, sem elgondolni, s kérdéseket sem lehetne feltenni vele kapcsolatban.“

—  Rudolf Carnap

Forrással ellátott idézetei, A Metafizika Kiküszöbölése a Nyelv Logikai Elemzésén Keresztül

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„When I met Wittgenstein, I saw that Schlick's warnings were fully justified. But his behavior was not caused by any arrogance. In general, he was of a sympathetic temperament and very kind; but he was hypersensitive and easily irritated. Whatever he said was always interesting and stimulating and the way in which he expressed it was often fascinating. His point of view and his attitude toward people and problems, even theoretical problems, were much more similar to those of a creative artist than to those of a scientist; one might almost say, similar to those of a religious prophet or a seer. When he started to formulate his view on some specific problem, we often felt the internal struggle that occurred in him at that very moment, a struggle by which he tried to penetrate from darkness to light under an intense and painful strain, which was even visible on his most expressive face. When finally, sometimes after a prolonged arduous effort, his answers came forth, his statement stood before us like a newly created piece of art or a divine revelation. Not that he asserted his views dogmatically … But the impression he made on us was as if insight came to him as through divine inspiration, so that we could not help feeling that any sober rational comment of analysis of it would be a profanation.“

—  Rudolf Carnap

Rudolf Carnap, as quoted in The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap (1963) by Paul Arthur Schilpp, p. 25, and in Ludwig Wittgenstein : The Duty of Genius (1991) by Ray Monk, p. 244

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