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Születési dátum: 4. december 34
Halál dátuma: 24. november 62

Aulus Persius Flaccus ókori római szatíraíró. Az egyetlen olyan fennmaradt szatíraíró, aki a sztoikus iskolának volt a híve. Horatius és Iuvenalis mellett a harmadik híres római szatíraíró. Wikipedia

„None, none descends into himself, to find
The secret imperfections of his mind.“

—  Persius

Satire IV, line 23 (translated by John Dryden).
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Ut nemo in sese tentat descendere! nemo!
Sed praecedenti spectatur mantica tergo.

„That master of arts, that dispenser of genius, the Belly.“

—  Persius

Prologue, line 10.
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Magister artis ingenique largitor<br/>venter.

„O but it is a fine thing to have a finger pointed at one, and to hear people say, "That's the man!"“

—  Persius

Satire I, line 28.
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) At pulchrum est digito monstrari et dicier "hic est".

„Is all your knowledge to go so utterly for nothing unless other people know that you possess it?“

—  Persius

Usque adeone
scire tuum nihil est, nisi te scire hoc sciat alter?
Satire I, line 26.
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Usque adeone<br/>scire tuum nihil est, nisi te scire hoc sciat alter?

„But when to-morrow comes, yesterday's morrow will have been already spent: and lo! a fresh morrow will be for ever making away with our years, each just beyond our grasp.“

—  Persius

Cum lux altera venit,
iam cras hesternum consumpsimus; ecce aliud cras
egerit hos annos et semper paulum erit ultra.
Satire V, line 67.
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Cum lux altera venit,<br/>iam cras hesternum consumpsimus; ecce aliud cras<br/>egerit hos annos et semper paulum erit ultra.

„Let them recognize virtue and rot for having lost it.“

—  Persius

Satire III, line 38.
Alternate translation (by William Gifford):—
"In all her charms, set Virtue in their eye,
And let them see their loss, despair, and—die!"
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Virtutem videant intabescantque relicta.

„Our life is our own to-day, to-morrow you will be dust, a shade, and a tale that is told. Live mindful of death; the hour flies.“

—  Persius

Nostrum est
quod vivis, cinis et manes et fabula fies.
vive memor leti, fugit hora.
Satire V, line 151.
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Nostrum est<br/>quod vivis, cinis et manes et fabula fies.<br/>vive memor leti, fugit hora.

„Who’ll read that sort of thing?“

—  Persius

Satire I, line 2 (translated by W. S. Merwin).
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Quis leget haec?

„The man who wishes to bend me with his tale of woe must shed true tears – not tears that have been got ready overnight.“

—  Persius

Nec nocte paratum,
plorabit qui me volet incurvasse querella.
Satire I, line 90.
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Nec nocte paratum,<br/>plorabit qui me volet incurvasse querella.

„Don’t consult anyone’s opinions but your own.“

—  Persius

Satire I, line 7.
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Nec te quaesiveris extra.

„Live with yourself: get to know how poorly furnished you are.“

—  Persius

Satire IV, line 52.
The Satires
Eredeti: (la) Tecum habita: noris quam sit tibi curta supellex.

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