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Oscar Levant fénykép
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Oscar Levant

Születési dátum: 27. december 1906
Halál dátuma: 14. augusztus 1972

Amerikai zenész, humorista .

Idézetek Oscar Levant

„Tell me, George, if you had it to do all over, would you fall in love with yourself again?“

—  Oscar Levant

Oscar Levant, as recounted by Levant in A Smattering of Ignorance (1940); quoted in "Books and Things" by Lewis Gannett, in The New York Herald Tribune (January 13, 1940), p. 11

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„He writes the kind of music you whistle on the way into the theater.“

—  Oscar Levant

On Sigmund Romberg, as quoted in Dancing in the Dark (1974) by Howard Dietz, p. 61

„I would like to have been present, if I could have my choice of all moments in music history, when Stokowski suddenly became conscious of his beautiful hands. That must have been a moment. Like stout Cortez [sic] on a peak in Darien (I know it was Balboa) he saw before him a limitless expanse, a whole uncharted sea that might be subjected to his influence, free from the encumbrance of a baton.“

—  Oscar Levant

In "Music in Aspic," Harper's Magazine (October 1939) and A Smattering of Ignorance (1940); as quoted in "Lightning Wit Plays On American Musical Scene; Oscar Levant Answers Unspoken Request for 'Information, Please' With Uncensored Comments on Exalted Persons" by Ray C. B. Brown, in The Washington Post (January 14, 1940), p. E4

„My last picture for Warners was Romance on the High Seas. It was Doris Day's first picture; that was before she became a virgin.“

—  Oscar Levant, könyv The Memoirs of an Amnesiac

The Memoirs of an Amnesiac (1965) http://books.google.com/books?&id=yWcIAQAAMAAJ&q=%22My+last+picture+for+Warners+was+Romance+on+the+High+Seas+It+was+Doris+Day%27s+first+picture+that+was+before+she+became+a+virgin%22&pg=PA192#v=onepage
A later paraphrase of this appeared in The Wit and Wisdom of Hollywood (1972) by Max Wilk: "I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin."

„Strip away the phony tinsel of Hollywood and you will find the real tinsel underneath.“

—  Oscar Levant

As quoted in Jewish Wit (1962) by Theodor Reik, p. 104, also in Inquisition in Eden (1965) and Whatever It Is, I’m Against It (1984) by Nat Shapiro.

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