„The areas traditionally concerned with such systems are: publishing in all its ramification, librarianship, bibliography, documentation, record management, archives and the like. Systematic study of the activities in all these areas has lead to increased recognition of their common features. They are all concerned with information systems, and their study may include in the wider field of 'information science and technology' (as the Americans put it) or 'informatics“

as Soviet writers would have it
Preface: second paragraph
Information Systems (1973)

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„Information science is concerned with every aspect of the chain of information transfer activities, but the heart of its interest is information search.“

—  Brian Campbell Vickery British information theorist 1918 - 2009

B.C. Vickery (1997) "Metatheory and information science," Journal of Documentation, 53(5), p. 460.

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„Our system is not fit for purpose. It's inadequate in terms of its scope, it's inadequate in terms of its information technology, leadership, management systems and processes.“

—  John Reid, Baron Reid of Cardowan British politician 1947

Of the Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate; BBC News 23 May 2006 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/5007148.stm

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„radical doctrines to bear on all areas of governmental concern“

—  Kenneth Minogue Australian political theorist 1930 - 2013

Introduction, p. vii. ; quoted in The Feminist Crusades: Making Myths and Building Bureaucracies (c. 2007) Zepezauer ISBN 9781425972868
How Civilizations Fall

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