„You will often hear that Dada is a state of mind. You may be gay, sad, afflicted, joyous, melancholy or Dada. Without being literary, you can be romantic, you can be dreamy, weary, eccentric, a businessman, skinny, transfigured, vain, amiable or Dada… Dada is here, there and a little everywhere, such as it is, with its faults, with its personal differences and distinctions which it accepts and views with indifference.“

1920s, Lecture on Dada', 1922

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Tristan Tzara photo
Tristan Tzara4
écrivain français 1896 - 1963

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Tristan Tzara photo
Tristan Tzara photo
Hugo Ball photo
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Tristan Tzara photo
Richard Huelsenbeck photo

„There is a difference between sitting quietly in Switzerland [Dada in Zurich] and bedding down on a vulcano, as we did in Berlin.“

—  Richard Huelsenbeck German poet 1892 - 1974

quote from his later memories on Dada; as quoted in Looking at Dada, eds. Sarah Ganz Blythe & Edward D. Powers - The Museum of Modern Art New York, ISBN: 087070-705-1; p. 4
Huelsenbeck left in 1917 neutral Swiss (Zurich) for war-torn German Berlin]

„.. there is a real Dada strain in the minds of the New York School of abstract painters that has emerged in the last decade.“

—  Robert Motherwell American artist 1915 - 1991

The Dada Painters and Poets, Schultz, Wittenborn, New York 1951, p. xiii

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Kurt Schwitters photo

„My name is Schwitters, Kurt Schwitters... I'm a painter and I nail my pictures... I'd like to be accepted into the Dada Club“

—  Kurt Schwitters German artist 1887 - 1948

Quote in his letter to Hans Richter, c. 1916; as quoted in 'Hannover-Dada' by Hans Richter; as quoted in I is Style, ed. Siegfried Gohr & Gunda Luyken, commissioned by w:Rudi Fuchs, director of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NAI Publishers, Rotterdam 2000, p. 151

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„In the good times of Dada, we detested polished works, the distracted air of spiritual struggle, the titans, and we rejected them with all out being.“

—  Hans Arp Alsatian, sculptor, painter, poet and abstract artist 1886 - 1966

Source: 1960s, Jours effeuillés: Poèmes, essaies, souvenirs (1966), p. 307

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„I’ve always enjoyed feeling a connection to the avant-garde, such as Dada and surrealism and pop art. The only thing the artist can do is be honest with themselves and make the art they want to make. That’s what I’ve always done.“

—  Jeff Koons American artist 1955

Jeff Koons in: Graeme Green. " 60 SECONDS: Jeff Koons http://metro.co.uk/2007/07/18/60-seconds-jeff-koons-532798/#ixzz3bThr2XKI," at metro.co.uk, 2007/07/18
1990s and later

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„Only a radical cleaning of social and artistic life as, in the domain of art, is already done by Dada, which is anti-sentimental and healthy to the core, since it is anti-art. Only unscrupulously striking down any systematically bred amateurism in any field, can prepare civilization for the 'New Vision's happiness which is greatly and purely alive in a dew people.“

—  Theo van Doesburg Dutch architect, painter, draughtsman and writer 1883 - 1931

Quote from Van Doesburg's article: 'Is a Universal Plastic Notion Possible Today?', as cited in 'Bouwkundig weekblad' [a Dutch architectural magazine], XLI 39, 1920, pp. 230–231
this quote of Theo van Doesburg is one of his earliest Dada expressions
1920 – 1926

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