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„Birds scream at the top of their lungs in horrified hellish rage every morning at daybreak to warn us all of the truth, but sadly we don't speak bird.“

—  Kurt Cobain, book Journals

Journals (2002)
Context: Birds... scream at the top of their lungs in horrified hellish rage every morning at daybreak to warn us all of the truth. They know the truth. Screaming bloody murder all over the world in our ears, but sadly we don't speak bird. [p. 224]

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„If you can make it through the night, there's a brighter day.“

—  Tupac Shakur rapper and actor 1971 - 1996

Variant: For every dark night, there's a brighter day.

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„I want to paint the way a bird sings.“

—  Claude Monet French impressionist painter 1840 - 1926

Variant: I would like to paint the way a bird sings.
Source: Monet By Himself

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„No empty handed man can lure a bird“

—  Geoffrey Chaucer, book The Canterbury Tales

Source: The Canterbury Tales

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„And the flowers sing in D minor
And the birds fly happily.“

—  Kurt Cobain American musician and artist 1967 - 1994

Spank Thru.
Song lyrics, B-sides and compilation tracks (1989-1993)

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„Feathers shall raise men towards the heaven even as they do the birds. That is by the letters written by their quills.“

—  Leonardo Da Vinci Italian Renaissance polymath 1452 - 1519

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci (1938), XLV Prophecies

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„I never saw a wild thing
Sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.“

—  D.H. Lawrence English novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and painter 1885 - 1930

Self-Pity (1929)
Source: The Complete Poems

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„…I keep looking for one more teacher, only to find that fish learn from the water and birds learn from the sky.” (p.275)“

—  Mark Nepo American writer 1951

Source: Facing the Lion, Being the Lion: Finding Inner Courage Where It Lives

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„Spring: trees flying up to their birds“

—  Paul Celan Romanian poet and translator 1920 - 1970

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„Perched up high on a rooftop,
like a bird I'm having evil thoughts,
A black hood covers my face
as death flows through my mind at its own pace.“

—  Eazy-E American rapper and producer 1963 - 1995

"Neighborhood Sniper", 5150: Home 4 tha Sick (1992).

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„A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.“

—  Miguel de Cervantes Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright 1547 - 1616

Source: Don Quixote de la Mancha (1605–1615), Part I, Book IV, Ch. 4.

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„I've been waiting for that! (After an audience member requests "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.)“

—  Kurt Cobain American musician and artist 1967 - 1994

1993-11-18 at Sony Music Studios, New York City, New York (MTV Unplugged).
Stage banter

„Slowly the joy of flower and bird
Did like a tide withdraw;
And in the heaven a silent star
Smiled on me, infinitely far.“

—  Francis William Bourdillon British poet 1852 - 1921

" The Chantry Of The Cherubim http://www.bartleby.com/236/219.html" in The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse (1917) by D. H. S. Nicholson.
Context: p>I walk as one unclothed of flesh,
I wash my spirit clean;
I see old miracles afresh,
And wonders yet unseen.
I will not leave Thee till Thou give
Some word whereby my soul may live!I listened — but no voice I heard;
I looked — no likeness saw;
Slowly the joy of flower and bird
Did like a tide withdraw;
And in the heaven a silent star
Smiled on me, infinitely far.</p

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„Then swiftly, neatly, with the grace of the young man on the trapeze, he was gone from his body.
For an eternal moment he was still all things at once: the bird, the fish, the rodent, the reptile, and man.“

—  William Saroyan American writer 1908 - 1981

"The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze"
The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze (1934)
Context: Then swiftly, neatly, with the grace of the young man on the trapeze, he was gone from his body.
For an eternal moment he was still all things at once: the bird, the fish, the rodent, the reptile, and man. An ocean of print undulated endlessly and darkly before him. The city burned. The herded crowd rioted. The earth circled away, and knowing that he did so, he turned his lost face to the empty sky and became dreamless, unalive, perfect.

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„Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?“

—  Steve Jobs American entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Inc. 1955 - 2011

A comment he made in persuading John Sculley to become Apple's CEO, as quoted in Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple: A Journey of Adventure, Ideas, and the Future (1987) by John Sculley and John A. Byrne

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„I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.“

—  George Best British footballer 1946 - 2005

Reported in " Best: Decline of the golden boy http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/4090840.stm", BBC News (June 14 2005).

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„Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.“

—  Alejandro Jodorowsky Filmmaker and comics writer 1929

As quoted in Investing with Impact: Why Finance is a Force for Good (2016) by Jeremy Balkin

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„What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bees and he told me about the butcher and my wife.“

—  Rodney Dangerfield American actor and comedian 1921 - 2004

Variant: What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bee and he told me about the butcher and my wife.

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„I would rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach 10,000 stars how not to dance.“

—  E.E. Cummings American poet 1894 - 1962

Collected Poems (1938) New Poems 22
Variant: I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.

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„The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.“

—  Elbert Hubbard American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher fue el escritor del jarron azul 1856 - 1915

The Note Book of Elbert Hubbard (1927)
Variant: The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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„I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.“

—  Malcolm X American human rights activist 1925 - 1965

The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965)
Context: I told the Englishman that my alma mater was books, a good library. Every time I catch a plane, I have with me a book that I want to read—and that’s a lot of books these days. If I weren’t out here every day battling the white man, I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity—because you can hardly mention anything I’m not curious about.

Chapter 11, paragraph 59 http://www.uri.edu/library/inscriptions/almamater.html

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„I am a cage, in search of a bird.“

—  Franz Kafka, book The Zürau Aphorisms

The Zürau Aphorisms (1917 - 1918)
Variant: A cage went in search of a bird.

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„The cheapness and quickness of modern methods of communication has been like a growth of wings, so that a thousand things which were thought to belong like trees in one place may travel about like birds.“

—  Melvil Dewey American librarian and educator 1851 - 1931

"Field and Future of Traveling Libraries". Home Education Department. Bulletin. State University of New York (1901), (40).

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„Why make so much of fragmentary blue
In here and there a bird, or butterfly,
Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye,
When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue.“

—  Robert Frost American poet 1874 - 1963

" Fragmentary Blue http://www.ketzle.com/frost/fragblue.htm", st. 1 (1923)

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„If sleep is the apogee of physical relaxation, boredom is the apogee of mental relaxation. Boredom is the dream bird that hatches the egg of experience.“

—  Walter Benjamin German literary critic, philosopher and social critic (1892-1940) 1892 - 1940

Source: "The Storyteller" (1936), p. 91

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„London is a roost for every bird.“

—  Benjamin Disraeli British Conservative politician, writer, aristocrat and Prime Minister 1804 - 1881

Source: Books, Coningsby (1844), Lothair (1870), Ch. 11.

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„Hey farmer, farmer,
Put away that DDT now
Give me spots on my apples
But leave me the birds and the bees

—  Joni Mitchell Canadian musician 1943

"Big Yellow Taxi"

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„Adam was a super being when God created him…he had dominion over the fowls of the air which means he used to fly…well of course how could you have dominion over the birds and not be able to do what they do. Adam flew into space, with one thought he would be on the moon.“

—  Benny Hinn American-Canadian evangelist 1952

[The Underground Christian Network, "Benny Hinn and Beyond: Word Faith movements hidden agenda: The Joker, The Guru and the Jack of Spades" http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=420067844, CD Edition 1 of 2, SermonAudio.com, 2006-04-21]

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„God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.“

—  Jacques Deval French film director and writer 1890 - 1972

Quoted in Barbara K. Rodes and Rice Odell, A Dictionary of Environmental Quotations (1992), p. 22

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„Swords flashed like lightning amid the blackness of clouds, and fountains of blood flowed like the fall of setting stars. The friends of God defeated their obstinate opponents, and quickly put them to a complete rout. Noon had not arrived when the Musulmans had wreaked their vengeance on the infidel enemies of Allah, killing 15,000 of them, spreading them like a carpet over the ground, and making them food for beasts and birds of prey… The enemy of God, Jaipal, and his children and grandchildren,… were taken prisoners, and being strongly bound with ropes, were carried before the Sultan, like as evildoers, on whose faces the fumes of infidelity are evident, who are covered with the vapours of misfortune, will be bound and carried to Hell. Some had their arms forcibly tied behind their backs, some were seized by the cheek, some were driven by blows on the neck. The necklace was taken off the neck of Jaipal, - composed of large pearls and shining gems and rubies set in gold, of which the value was two hundred thousand dinars; and twice that value was obtained from necks of those of his relatives who were taken prisoners, or slain, and had become the food of the mouths of hyenas and vultures. Allah also bestowed upon his friends such an amount of booty as was beyond all bounds and all calculation, including five hundred thousand slaves, beautiful men and women. The Sultan returned with his followers to his camp, having plundered immensely, by Allah's aid, having obtained the victory, and thankful to Allah… This splendid and celebrated action took place on Thursday, the 8th of Muharram, 392 H., 27th November, 1001 AD.“

—  Mahmud of Ghazni Sultan of Ghazni 971 - 1030

About the defeat of Jaipal. Tarikh Yamini (Kitabu-l Yamini) by Al Utbi, in Elliot and Dowson, Vol. II : Elliot and Dowson, History of India as told by its own Historians, 8 Volumes, Allahabad Reprint, 1964. p. 27 Also quoted (in part) in Jain, Meenakshi (2011). The India they saw: Foreign accounts.
Quotes from Tarikh Yamini (Kitabu-l Yamini) by Al Utbi

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„Yet came there never voice nor sign;
But through my being stole
Sense of a Universe divine,
And knowledge of a soul
Perfected in the joy of things,
The star, the flower, the bird that sings.“

—  Francis William Bourdillon British poet 1852 - 1921

"The Chantry Of The Cherubim" in The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse (1917) by D. H. S. Nicholson.
Context: p>I buoyed me on the wings of dream,
Above the world of sense;
I set my thought to sound the scheme,
And fathom the Immense;
I tuned my spirit as a lute
To catch wind-music wandering mute.Yet came there never voice nor sign;
But through my being stole
Sense of a Universe divine,
And knowledge of a soul
Perfected in the joy of things,
The star, the flower, the bird that sings.Nor I am more, nor less, than these;
All are one brotherhood;
I and all creatures, plants, and trees,
The living limbs of God;
And in an hour, as this, divine,
I feel the vast pulse throb in mine.</p

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„It is a matter of great shame that the birds wake up in the morning before you.“

—  Abu Bakr First Muslim Caliph and a companion of Muhammad 573 - 634

Abdul Jaleel Qureshi, Hazrat Abu Bakr Nay Farmaya (Ferozesons, 2011), p.65)

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„A man without ambition is like a bird without wings“

—  Salvador Dalí Spanish artist 1904 - 1989

Source: https://quoteinvestigator.com/2015/10/14/wings/

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„My heart is like a singing bird
Whose nest is in a water'd shoot;
My heart is like an apple-tree
Whose boughs are bent with thick-set fruit.“

—  Christina Rossetti English poet 1830 - 1894

A Birthday http://www.poetry-online.org/rossetti_christina_a_birthday.htm, st. 1 (1861).

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„A man is not a bird, to come and go with the springtime.“

—  Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman

Source: Death of a Salesman

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„One should be light like a bird and not like a feather.“

—  Italo Calvino Italian journalist and writer of short stories and novels 1923 - 1985

Source: Six Memos For The Next Millennium

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„My shoe is off. My foot is cold. I have a bird I like to hold.“

—  Dr. Seuss, book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Source: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

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„You have a humming dodo bird," I said stupidly.“

—  Rick Riordan, book The Battle of the Labyrinth

Source: The Battle of the Labyrinth

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„Marriage is like a cage; one sees the birds outside desperate to get in, and those inside equally desperate to get out.“

—  Michel De Montaigne (1533-1592) French-Occitan author, humanistic philosopher, statesman 1533 - 1592

Book III, Ch. 5
Source: The Complete Essays