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Sarah Seltzer

Sarah Seltzer is a journalist and free-lance writer.

Idézetek Sarah Seltzer

„If we don’t view our fellow activists as human beings rather than symbols of what’s right or wrong with the movement, then whom are we fighting for?“

—  Sarah Seltzer

Remembering Pioneering Feminist Shulamith Firestone "Jewish Daily Forward," April 11, 2013

„Where justice and authority let victims down, solidarity, activism, and a massive effort to create awareness will have to fill the breach.“

—  Sarah Seltzer

Cop rapes woman at gunpoint, 11-year-old rape victim smeared, accuser sued for $2 million: is US society failing victims?,_11-year-old_rape_victim_smeared,_accuser_sued_for_$2_million:_is_us_society_failing_victims?, Alternet (August 23, 2011).

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