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Jiri Lev

Birthdate: 1979

Jiri Lev is an Australian architect, working in the field of sustainable public, residential and disaster-relief architecture.Lev's works are known for their highly varied, locally appropriate architectural style, rigorous application of sustainable design principles and prolific use of natural, near-raw and locally sourced construction materials, such as timber, stone, hempcrete, canite or clay and lime products .

He teaches sustainable and resilient architecture in lectures, workshops and writing. Promoting regionally specific architectural design, he often refers to vernacular architecture and the principles of new urbanism, rejecting globalised design trends as destructive to genius loci. Wikipedia

„We don’t need natural disasters. We’re building our own.“

—  Jiri Lev

Source: The Australian Architects Offering Pro-Bono Design Services to Bushfire Survivors https://hivelife.com/architects-assist/.

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