Today anniversaries
Ben Carson photo
Ben Carson189
17th and current United States Secretary of Housing and Urb… 1951
Jimi Hendrix photo
Jimi Hendrix51
American musician, singer and songwriter 1942 - 1970
Steven Pinker photo
Steven Pinker32
psychologist, linguist, author 1954
Greta Garbo photo
Greta Garbo9
Swedish-American actress 1905 - 1990
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John of the Cross photo
John of the Cross48
Spanish mystic and Roman Catholic saint
Giordano Bruno photo
Giordano Bruno62
Italian philosopher, mathematician and astronomer
Jeremy Bentham photo
Jeremy Bentham25
British philosopher, jurist, and social reformer
Pedro Calderón de la Barca photo
Pedro Calderón de la Barca7
Spanish dramatist
Thomas Fuller photo
Thomas Fuller32
English churchman and historian